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How recent does a job have to be to be appropriate for a resume, if it's the most relevant experience you have?

Asked by monsoon (2510points) July 19th, 2008

I’m applying for a clerical job, and I did some clerical work about three years ago. Is that too late to include in a resume? I was only in that position for about eight months because I left for college, though.

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You should include experience from 3 years ago on your resume. If you want to highlight that experience, perhaps you can point out some skill, routine or process you learned in that job that you’ve used since.

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Yes, it is relevant. Also make sure to list your skills with computer programs and office equipment that you can operate.

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Yes for sure include it. 3 years is pretty recent.

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I agree. Include it. Good Luck!

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Apps for government positions ask for work experience going back ten years. I think you’re safe.

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Include it.

One includes the most relevant information. If the most relevant experience is 50 years ago, I would include it.

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