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My uncle said I should look into process engineering, what is the difference?

Asked by tigertigertigerwoodsyall (20points) July 19th, 2008

I am thinking of studying engineering and my uncle said I should look into process engineering because with domestic manufacturing on the rise there will be a high demand. Is this true? What kind of projects do process engineers work on?

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I found this information for you by googling. I hope it helps.

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Here is a job listing for a process engineer. Here is a journal with some additional information.

Good luck.

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My husband is a process engineer. His job is basically to develop, analyze, refine, and improve the manufacturing process. He designs, builds, qualifies, and maintains production machinery. He loves his job. As for high demand, that is true, but not everywhere in the country has manufacturing, so that kind of limits where he can go, it isn’t like being a teacher or a doctor who can find a job anywhere. We wanted to relocate to a particular area and it took awhile to find a job here (although he finally did). His skills however, are in high demand as there aren’t a lot of people who specialize in this field. He has always made a good living. If you are interested in becoming a process engineer be sure to learn all you can about Six Sigma there is no doubt you will need it.

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