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Have you ever cleaned motor oil from a driveway?

Asked by DoNotKnow (3017points) July 7th, 2015

When the guy arrived to service our furnace yesterday, he parked in the driveway. Now there’s an oil stain about 16 inches wide.

The kids use the driveway all the time for activities and just sitting around. I have to get rid of this oil. Immediately after seeing the stain, I ordered this stuff. But I’m interested to hear if anyone’s had any experience with removing oil from pavement. If so, what did you use?

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Same thing happened to me once, I went to the auto parts store and got some cleaning solution. I scrubbed it in with a wire brush, then hosed down the driveway. Not the best thing to have go down the drains, I wasn’t as aware then as I am today.

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I have some fluid leak from my car staining my driveway so I am following this too. I tried Mr Clean in a bucket of water with a scrub broom yesterday but it didn’t do the trick.

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My stuff I ordered is arriving tomorrow. I will update this thread when I have a chance to try this.

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Soak up any excess oil with paper towels, then apply a generous amount of kitty litter or dry laundry detergent to the spot and let it sit for an hour or two. Sweep up. Then apply some Dawn detergent to the spot, let sit for a day or two, then scrub and rinse. If a stain persists, reapply the Dawn, let sit for a few days, then scrub and rinse again.

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I read a lifehacker article about this recently. Do you have WD40 in the US?

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