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How do you find out what you want?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) July 7th, 2015

From a dinner menu, to picking an education, and whom to marry?

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That is a wide ranging question, and the process is not always the same.

A dinner choice presents you with a limited umber of possibilities, and one chooses from amongst the alternatives for what feels appetizing at the moment. But one is hungry and wants to eat, so a choice must be made.

Picking an education involves first deciding that one feels the need for education. Not all do. But once that decision is made, one looks at the possibilities and what needs to be done to reach each choice, and decides whether one has the desire to attempt that goal.

And whom to marry is completely different, because it is not a one sided decision, it is a decision of two people. And it involves much more than a simply objective choice.

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I never do. The question always hangs.

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I would have a tough time answering the question as asked. It seems sort of problematic and invites disappointment and even disaster.

I would suggest that one should ask themselves “Once I figure out what I want, how do I go about getting it?”

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try out a lot of things.

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Important decision: my ability is my consultant.

Hobbies: I don’t find them. They find me.

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Eenie meenie minie Moe….

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Existential philosophy says that existence precedes essence, We know that we are but not who we are. What makes us human is being aware of having to make choices. Through this process we define ourselves, each in our own way. As Sartre put it, “Man is condemned to be free.”

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