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Is there any hope for a stuck screw?

Asked by hug_of_war (10725points) July 7th, 2015

Need to operate on my computer and I bought a tool just for this, a #00 screwdriver, and now the final screw isn’t coming out. It’s a swivel top screwdriver, is there some special technique to use this kind?

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If I understand your description correctly, push on the top with your thumb, twist the shaft with your fingers. If it doesn’t budge the screw or slip out, try twisting the shaft with pliers. The trick is to get as much force with your thumb, straight down the shaft to the screwhead, so the tip doesn’t slip out. Fingers crossed for you!

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If the screw is stripped, this may be an issue. Is it stripped?

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Take it to a local small PC shop that works on MAC’s !

My local shop is twelve minutes away and loves loves Macbook Pro’s.

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