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Have you ever wished death on another person?

Asked by AstroChuck (37548points) July 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I hope I’m not flirting with karma with this question.
Everybody has been wronged in someway by someone else. If not in your personal life, perhaps there has been a public figure you would like to see die, such as a celebrity or dictator.
With the exception of someone suffering, I can’t think of any one person that I have ever wished dead, however I have a list as long as the Great Wall of people I would never mourn.
Please no spiritual or “karma” laden answers. Just honest, non-preachy ones.

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i always wish for people to rot on earth, no quick release…

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Yes, there is one. I discuss it in this question.

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Never successfully.

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I don’t wish death upon anyone; even in my angriest moments. However, in heated moments, I might feel like I want to kill someone. (Is this the same?)

Like chuck says, there are many out there however, that I would never mourn.

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I’ve said that I wished someone was dead, but I never meant it. I said it cause I was angry – a heat of the moment thing.

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Once or twice, yes. Although, like pupntaco, never successfully. As for restoring cosmic balance, I have also wished it upon myself.

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I wished death on Jesse Helms, but it took years to come to fruition.

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Watch yourself syz. The power you possess is awesome indeed. The real definition of awesome, not anything from gail’s list. :)

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Maybe not death but pain, lots and lots of pain!

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No, I have never wanted anyone to die.

I suspect that many murderers did not actually mean for their victims to die. Some, of course, are sociopaths or mentally ill, but I am sure many are remorseful.

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Yes, many a time….....

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I once told my sister (in a heat of the moment thing, on my birthday in a chinese restaurant after she pulled the chair away from me as I was sitting down) that I wished she was dead, but once the words came out I felt really bad. After that I’ve never actually told anyone that I wished they were dead, and if I thought it I’ve always taken it back right away. It’s the thought of ’ How would I feel if this person actually died tomorrow? ’ that stops me in my tracks.

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The only time I did was because I was too afraid to take the steps needed to make myself happy. Wishing the person would die was just a twistedly easy way out.

But I finally I stopped wishing for things like that, and did what I needed to do.

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Not really on a vengeful level, but sometimes on a cleaning-out-the-trash level. People who do absolutely nothing for society but harm it frustrate me to no end. It takes a lot to get to that point, but I have come across individuals who do nothing but take advantage of people around them. Eventually, I just think that it would probably be better for everyone if they didn’t exist.

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Like scamp, I’ve wished death on the person I mentioned in my answer to this question.

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not yet….

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If someone physically attacked a member of my family, there would be blood spilt. No question, no wishing. Papa Bear has claws.
But hoping for the death of someone else, for (mental, spiritual, financial, physical)convenience? No, not yet.

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Do flies count as people?

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Yes. Of course flies count.

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Even more so if it’s THE Fly.

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