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How would you go about being overwhelmed with chocolate?

Asked by judyprays (1307points) July 19th, 2008

i’ve tried various chocolate cakes, but it just doesn’t seem to cut it.

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Have you tried a flourless chocolate cake? I love chocolate! The only time I have ever been overwhelmed by it was when I tried a flourless cake—rich and moist and decadent.

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You could try something like Death by Chocolate

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Someone made this cake at a party I went to and it was very good. You can use other flavors of cake and change the caramel to a different topping and use a different candy as well. I had it as yellow cake with butterscotch and butterfingers crushed on top before. But the recipe I linked is my favorite.

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Try this has 88% cocoa content where as hershey only has 10%

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The bakery at Whole Foods makes a giant chocolate cupcake that is a rich devil’s food with a towering amount of very chocolately buttercream frosting. Half of one of those totally does it for me.

@andrew That would be great if they gave you a straw.

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Hershey’s Spa
don’t suppose I need to elaborate…

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Go to your local ice cream shop (preferably a little handmade ice cream place, not Baskin Robbins!), and get yourself a sundae with the chocolatey-est ice cream they have, hot fudge, and chocolate sprinkles on top. If you find a really good ice cream shop, they might even have chocolate whipped cream. I think that’s about as chocolatey as you can get!

I might need to go get some ice cream now…

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I completely hear you. Two ideas:

~ the chocolate lava cakes at Trader Joe’s——- kindof a cop-out answer, but they are AMAZING (and easy to heat and affordable) – if you have one near you, try one, and then maybe there’s a local place with something similar or you can find a recipe. i’m overwhelmed with half of one of these.

~ in liquid form, I love making hot chocolate out of a really good dark chocolate (bar or powder), non-dairy milk (like almond, rice, soy, or hazelnut milk), a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, and a pinch of cayenne (or other hot spice). add the cinnamon and cayenne when it’s warm/hot so they dissipate instead of making balls. a store-bought version would be Dagoba’s xocolatl (it’s not on Dagoba’s website, so that’s a random link) or many types of Mexican hot cocoa (like this one) if you have a store nearby that sells that kind of thing.

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