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When do you think my Grandson will be born?

Asked by scamp (13124points) July 19th, 2008

My daughter is due to have her baby anytime now. Her original due date is August 14th, but after a visit to her doctor on Thursday, we found out that this child doesn’t want to wait. The doctor says it could be as early as today, or anytime in the next couple of weeks. I thought it might be fun if we guessed when he will make his appearance. Anyone want to take a guess?

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Well, July 27th is my dad’s birthday, but he’s an ass, so I vote for not July 27th.

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29th of July, a.k.a Ólavsøka (link won’t integrate, so here’s the full URL:Ólavsøka)

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@tinyfaery I’ll mark that day on my calendar as a day to avoid!

I guess I’m not allowed to answer this one huh?

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No.. You have the inside scoop!!

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Hmmm.. I have no idea! Maybe July 25th?

Congratulations Scamp! I am excited for you!


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@scamp Literally.

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Well, since I was born on the due date, and have been happy with it, I’m kind of partial to that. However, babies are born when THEY want to be, mine was 10 weeks early, so I know that one from personal experience. But I’ll put my vote in for the 24th of July. One of my dearest friends was born that day and she’s absolutely the most thoughtful person that I know.

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On their birthday always seems to work out really really well. Worked for me anyways.


Oh in case there’s a prize, I’m gonna go for the 24th.

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Thanks for all your response so far. I think it will be fun to see who is the closest!

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we gotta split it then, o’s.

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I think a good prize would be a link to get first peek, at least for me.

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@Seesul Great idea! I’ll have to ask my daughter to see if she agrees first tho.

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of course!

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I have a feeling this thread will be full of surprises!!

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July 31st.

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August 15th!!!

Same day I turn 21!

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August 10th.

Does whoever comes closest get some kind of prize? My cousin did a guessing game when his wife was pregnant. I won. The prize: $1!

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How about the closet answer (without going past) gets…

To be the first fluther member (besides scamp) to see the photobucket album and some lurve.

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Your grandson and I both win if he isn’t born on July 27th.

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@Lightlyseared that’s his Daddy’s birthday!

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Ooh. Then I hope, not guess, for August 2nd. I was born on my mother’s birthday, and it is a very special bond we share.

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Hmmm… July 28th? Either way, congratulations on his birth! I hope all goes well considering he will most likely be early. (this will make a wonderful anecdote to tell him in the pending years!)

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Aug 4th? i don’t have a real reason for the day, i just noticed it hasn’t been chosen yet Congratulations to you and dragonflyfaith! Good luck :)

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@tinyfaery What is your guess? Have you picked a date yet?

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@scamp Well, like I said I think it would be sweet for it to be Aug. 2nd. But since that’s been chosen, hmmm, August 1st sounds like a good day.

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Ok, thanks tinyfaery!
And thanks to PNL too!

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I guess we’re down to August 10 and 15th.

Still waiting…

Doctor put me on bedrest for pregnancy induced hypertension, it must be working to keep the little one in the womb.

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Looks like Cheeb is going to be the winner.

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Congrats Cheeb!!! You won!! You guess 8/15, and he was born 8/17. When dragonfly is well enough to load some pics, you get the first peek!!

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@dragonflyfaith Congratulations!
@scamp Congratulations!

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