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What are the different ways of fixing an error message problem?

Asked by flo (12932points) July 8th, 2015

You click on a link and you get error message. What are the different ways (if more than one) of fixing it immediately, with a click of the mouse, so it’s no longer an error message?

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What was the link and what does the error message say?

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As there are a wide variety of errors, it’s hard to say.

Most errors caused by clicking on a link mean there is a problem on the other end of the line though, and there isn’t anything you can do about that; it has to be fixed by whoever set up the website.

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You need to give way more info if you want a good info.

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Don’t click on anything. Read the error message.

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You can go on another browser. You can clear your cookies.

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Some error messages are fake. They try to trick you into downloading software intended to fix the issue, but it is actually malware.

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I think the word “click” is misleading, I meant use the mouse but not click on a link (which I’ve never seen on an error message.)
@Dutchess_III This is not about one error message.

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So you get them a lot? Do they all say the same thing?

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No, not a lot, and they say different things.

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So, did you get rid of them?

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