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What do you think if there were only good things that happen in the world, instead of bad things?

Asked by PoiPoi (274points) July 19th, 2008

What would the world be in your imagination, if good things happened all the time? For example: nobody dies, all living things lived, no violence, no hatred – along the lines of that. Would everything be what anyone wanted the world to be, that only occurred in dreams, or would it contrary from that? Your say on this.

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Well then this world wouldn’t be very interesting now would it?

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If noone died, this world would get overcrowded very quickly! Also, are you sure you want to live forever?

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According to zen buddhism, it’s useless to talk about good and bad, because they are relative to your particular circumstances. In day-to-day life, it is convenient to think about things as good and bad, but ultimately what matters is how we conduct ourselves towards others.

I would suggest that if there was no such thing as death, there would also be no such thing as life. If you look carefully at life, it depends on death. This is fundamental.You may also find that it’s not possible to stop causing violence, even in your own life. Your immune system destroys bacteria everyday. Animals, or at least plants, perish so that you can eat. Your biological waste, as well as the waste produced from your consumption of energy, makes life more difficult, and in some places impossible.

I don’t mean to paint a bleak picture, but a realistic one. We live in such a way that we kill by the very act of living. This should be revered for what it is: a perpetual cycle where life and death are two sides of the same coin. When we can find ourselves are part of an indefinite chain of life and death, then we can find meaning in our daily activities.

The real trick to living is not to look outside of this reality for truth. It’s all right there. In each breath we have an opportunity to recognize the great question of life and death, and to respond with compassion.

The question I ask myself is: am I doing something worthwhile with the life that I am living.

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Wow Tim…that was at once both very inspiring and deep. Kudos. There’s nothing I can say after that.

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i discourage from using the word Kudos

i want people to suffer, so i can feel good about my own life, easy as that

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I think iwamoto and I could be great friends! I fully agree with that statment. After everything my life has become, I cheered for The Joker in Batman.

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I must say, that seems quite impossible. Many bad things that happen to one person are good things to another person.

A world without the good and the bad is a world without personality.

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@delirium. Two things:
you are my favorite Endless and the second, I also agree with your statement! I just wonder who is getting the good from my bad?

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You just earned SO MUCH RESPECT in my book.
I am my favorite endless too!
(Although making logical statements on fluther isn’t exactly living up to her name, i’ll have to admit.)

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I think its sad that u want people to suffer to feel good about your life iwamoto.

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First, let me say I mean no disrespect by what I’m about to say. Iwamoto, this is a blog/community effort. I will say whatever I damn well please, regardless of it being discouraged by you or anyone else. I was trying to be kind, and that’s what I indeed to do. If your life is so miserable that you have to wish bad upon other people, welcome to paradise brother. Life sucks, then you die. Now, I’m new here, and you’ve been here for a while. But that by no means entails encouraging or discouraging my remarks. If you dont encourage what I have to say, dont read anything I ever say again. Easy as that.

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Kudos to you cyrusbond :)

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well, i’m not offended by either answer, we are all entitled to our own opinion, well, let me put it this way, i have a good life, i wouldn’t need other peoples suffering, but hey, it happens, and the fact of the matter is, is that it gives that little, well, should i call it edge ?, i mean, it’s not like i need people to suffer, but it’s nice that they do

if i see this 16 year old girl with a baby, i think to myself “ah, i’m so glad i could go to university, and not fuck up my life by being dumb and getting pregnant” it’s not like i especially wanted her to get pregnant, but she did, by her own fault, and well, in a way it enhances my experience of life, i don’t know if it’s bad from my side, or pretentious from other people’s side to deny it, oh well….

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I’ve thought about this question a bit, and I came to the realization that every thing in nature, human existence, religion, biophysics, EVERYTHIING, in nature has a positve or negative. You can’t have one without the other. Simple as that. I never have bought into the atomic theory, so dont even try that, its called a theory for a reason. So, along those lines, the world wouldnt exist. Iwamoto, I now get what you mean by what you said. Its a limiting way of looking at things, but a way nonetheless.

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i would be so bored.

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