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Ladies have you ever had a period end and come back after 3 days?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) July 10th, 2015

With slight cramping, not heavy bleeding. Was it hormone reated, fibroids or something else?

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If you’re under the age for peri-menopause could just be some fluctuation of hormones, have you been exercising a lot lately or under a lot of stress or on a low cal diet? All of those things could lead to extra light or semi-abstinent flow. If you are 40+ you could be entering the twilight zone of peri-menopause with all sorts of weirdness forthcoming. Ultra short cycles, ultra long cycles, periods every 2 weeks then nothing for 2 months, heavy flow, light flow, and all in between.

If you are a tampon user you could be blocking the flow as well, tampons really aren’t that great for your body even though they are convenient.
I wouldn’t be too concerned unless it keeps up for several ( 3–4 ) months in a row.

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It happened to me once when I was on vacation. Pretty inconvenient, but my doctor said it was normal when changing climate, or environment.

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I have. It hapens twice already. At first I thought it was just some “yellow thing” in my underwear then it gradually turned into blood. It started and ended quite quickly. I still don’t know why it happened.

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It happened to me once when I was on vacation.

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Was your first period normal? or did it end a day or two early? Flow can be obstructed by constipation. I’ve also had this happen when I changed prevention pills, so, after a few months, I switched back to my tried-and-true. If it happens consistently, see a doctor. If it is just a one-off, mark it down to some blip in your hormones. It happens. Just make sure you are getting enough iron and vitamin B’s and exercise. Funky things can happen if you go vegetarian or vegan and aren’t getting what your body naturally craves.

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Yes. It happened after I had my tubes tied for a few months on and off. But my doctor couldn’t find anything wrong and everything went back to normal.
Then some years later in my 30’s when I got really hard core about working out, but when I decided to go to get it checked, it stopped. I assumed it was the working out that caused it and dialed it down.
Then later during peri-menopause. Doc said that was to be expected and didn’t find anything to be concerned about. But always get it checked out even if it’s nothing.

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