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Questions about some parts of this talk show clip featuring Jennifer Lawrence?

Asked by cofeka (154points) July 11th, 2015

What does the costar Josh Hutcherson say at 0:20, 1:10 of this talk show clip featuring Jennifer Lawrence ( ?

Does he say:
1. That’s a real jargon, man (If so, what does it mean?)
2. same things like that in that world of songs

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1. “Get the swear jar again, man” – presumably a call back to something said earlier in the episode.

2. “And things like that, in that world of songs” – I think he meant “songs in that style”.

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For me, any conversation about Ms. Lawrence, with her average talent and over-inflated sense of importance, is a waste of time. On to the next question. ;-)

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Dappled Leaves is correct, except maybe for the final ‘s’ on 2, which makes no difference anyway.

TIL that Jennifer Lawrence is the name of the Hunger Games star. +1 modern movie star basic information for me.

Good for her, acknowledging that she could just make fart noises with her arm pit, and have some people act like she did something brilliant.

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