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What is the best Beatles song ever?

Asked by colin (574points) July 16th, 2007

my vote would be for "a day in the life." it's so beautiful, plus the interplay of john and paul is amazing.

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Helter Skelter, hands down. Not only the best Beatles song, one of the best Rock songs, period. Also, honorable mentions for: Don't Let Me Down, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, and The Ballad Of John and Yoko

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I think "Norwegian Wood". Beautiful composition, lyrics and harmonies. Plus the story of it's conception was interesting!

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"a day in the life of"

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Yesterday... It's just a great song. Good melody and lyrics everyone can relate to. I love the simplicity of the production.

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has to be the ballad of john and yoko

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"Across The Universe" - I love the chorus which is like a personal mantra: "Nothing's gonna change my world"

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i have to say a day in the life also my favorite songs too
gotta give a mention to within and without you

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Hey Jude…...My Name so it wins…HAHAHA

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I am a HUGE Beatles fan and i have to say my favorite Beatles song is either “Hey Jude” or “The End” I mean Hey Jude is an AMAZING SONG but Ringo’s Drum part in The End is just LEGENDARY!

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actually truth is if you love The Beatles as much as i have grown to love them its hard to chose less than 10 songs as your favorites they are all SOOO GOOD

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I think the entire second half of Abbey Road is pop genius.

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It’s like trying to choose my favourite day ever, there are so many to choose from, depends on how i feel at the time.Today and maybe forever, i’ll go for ‘This Boy’, lead vocal by John Lennon.

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