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Are soy dairy products more expensive than regular dairy products?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) July 19th, 2008

I’m vegan but I really miss cheese. I’m going to go buy some soy cheese, soy cream cheese and maybe soy yogurt soon but I’m just wondering how it compares. (I’m a poor student.)

Also, any recommendations for the best brand?


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I have no definitive answer, but typically healthy products, from small companies, do tend to be more pricey. If you miss cheese, the soy cheese is not going to do it for you. I’m lactose intolerant, and the few times I tried soy cheese, it did not compare; in other words, it did not satisfy my craving. Good luck.

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Soy Milk is in the neighborhood of $3.05 per quart which is more expensive than milk. Cheese is comparable at about 8 ozs. for $3.00

As to taste, here are the picks from one reviewer:

“Best of the best: Soyco Rice Shreds
This shredded alternative is excellent. Made from brown rice, it is soy free, has half the fat of natural cheese, and is low in calories. And it melts better than other cheese alternatives. Soyco’s mozzarella was the best tasting, but I found that the cheddar had a slight aftertaste. (”

Galaxy Foods Veggie Slices are tasty, soy-based organic cheeses made with canola oil. They don’t melt as well as natural cheeses, but they’re good on salads and sandwiches. (

Smart Beat cheese alternatives are very good non-dairy, non-soy, fat-free, lactose-free products. They also melt well and taste good. However, they do contain casein, a protein found in milk. (

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I’m a vegetarian and have been for quite some time. I very much prefer VitaSoy Soy milk and it is about 1.75 – 2.85 a quart, depending on where you shop. Have had bad experiences with soy cheese. But, soy ‘yogurt’ is very good, especially the flavored ones. my food expense has decreased since becoming a vegetarian.

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Soy yogurt is foul, and takes real getting used to after you’ve had real yogurt.

If I remember correctly, Wildwood made the best, non-grainy yogurt. Try strawberry.

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If you miss cheese, skip the soy alternatives and try the Almond cheese. I’ve seen it at Whole Foods, and other similar markets should also have it.

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