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Fluff time; what are five good reasons for owning a Lamborghini (any model above the Gallardo)?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) July 14th, 2015

What are five good reasons to purchase and own a Lamborghini (aside they are really cool car and you just want one)? You can pick up some bargain basement prices on Gallardos but basically if you buy new, better have a few piggy banks, same as with the Aventador. You could buy a condo or a small house with the money, get tons of cosmetic surgery, make a hefty donation to the burn unit, but if you decided to have all that miss you and spend it on a Lamborghini, what good reasons or justifications and you create for getting one and not just look vain? That is the question, if you choose to accept it, this post will self-destruct in 18 hours….OK, maybe not.

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I’d look prettier in one (hey, I didn’t say I just “want one”).

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^ And you could go zero to 60 in 3.6 seconds while doing it.

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Because if you have the money why not but an elite and beautiful sports car?
Because you’ll attract hot men and women when you drive it.
Because it’s a rarity to see and will draw a lot of attention which most egomanics desire. lol
Because it is a symbol of the elite rich.
Because it is a fast and thrilling ride.

Me, personally, meh…I’d buy a 200,000 acre ranch and a stable full of hot horse flesh.

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You gave away two
Plus see @Coloma
1. It is a cool car
2. It is simple to simply want one
3. A chick magnet. Not that I have a serious problem in that area, but what is wrong with a booster?
4. Accelerates 0–60 in < 3 seconds. A true rush.
5. Italians. For all their faults, they understand beauty.

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I think that the main reason that anyone buys a Lamborghini is because they enjoy paying huge motor vehicle taxes and registration fees each year.

It’s a way for the owner to have a legitimate way to send money to the government while still maintaining the “small government is best” ruse.

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I’ve owned quite a few cars in my life and sometimes wonder if the car I currently have (Nissan Altima) is the last one I’ll ever own. If I do manage to squeak out another new car purchase, I don’t think a Lam would be my first choice. Think I’d like a Tesla.

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I’d rather buy a Ferrari (this one especially). I’ve never really liked Lamborghinis.

1. Because I can.
2. Because I want one.
3. Because I have the money to afford one.
4. Because it’s a beautiful machine.
5. Because I want one because it’s beautiful and I can afford it and no one’s stopping me.

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Sorry already have a cool chick( Mrs Squeeky) so don’t need it for that, those kind of cars are ridiculously expensive and finicky to maintain, I would rather just rent it when I want to go for a ride or trip,then give it back and let it be someone else’s headache to take care of.
If I can afford to own it ,I can also afford to rent it ,and would rather go that way.
I am more practical when it comes to vehicles, I would be more into owning a H1 or H2 Hummer.

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Because it will make your penis larger… oh wait, never mind.

Personally I think their designs have gone downhill since the Countach.

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@SQUEEKY2 I would be more into owning a H1 or H2 Hummer.
Hummers can do 0–60 in <30 sec. if I am going to have something that will take 8 gallons to the mile, it better be able to wrench me into my seat when i hit the gas.

@gorillapaws The Countach was one bad mamma jamma wasn’t it? It got me started on my love of Lambos.

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