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Is this a better solution than taking a belt to a young thieving knucklehead?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26811points) July 14th, 2015

A recent thread on a boy getting the belt from the man whose wallet he was trying to steal generated a lot of visceral reactions, from those who think the guy did not do enough, to those who think he did too much. Some said leave it to the cops. As oppose to getting the lash, would this be a better alternative, and how likely would it be as a deterrent to a boy going back out and doing the same or worse than taking some belt leather?

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That is awesome. Make young black males terrified of the cops so they run and then the cops can feel justified in murdering them.

Or, teach the kids some skill at some young age. I was pretty good at woodworking when I was 15. If the state had paid me (even a few bucks a hour) to do cabinetry somewhere (low income housing) I would have probably done that instead of a boatload of LSD in high school. I really enjoy woodworking.

I’m sure you could do the same with cars. I bet the lil’ homies would have rather been fixing a car and getting a few bucks instead of fucking around on the street.

Bored kids do stupid shit.

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“Scared straight” programs are more harmful than doing nothing.

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No. Give kids a sense of hope through learning useful skills and a connection to their family, co-workers, etc. Feelings of helplessness lead to anger. Lack of community to finding that community in gangs.

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1. Juvenile delinquent is part of a small gang.
2. Juvenile delinquent is subjected to this torture and humiliated.
3. Conclusion drawn from experience: “I am too weak, must get harder, more brutal.”

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Is there a carrot vs stick approach they can try?

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A bullet between the eyes.

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