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Does your company force you to do a self assessment as part of an annual review?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) July 19th, 2008 from iPhone

If so, do you find it to be a dreadful task? Do you rate yourself honestly? For example, if you think you perform better than your peers do you express that? Or do you feel like you have to take it down a notch and appear humble? What if your next salary raise depends on the review?

On the other hand, if you feel that you did not perform up to company standards how would you rate yourself?

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Since I am self-employed, I no longer have to do those. I did many of them while in the corporate world. Usually, they do not ask you about your performance in comparison to your peers.

I would focus solely on your performance. I would be honest. If you think that you are performing above normal expectations, say so and say why. Since there are no perfect employees though, be sure and indicate the areas of your performance that you are working on to improve. If possible, give examples.

If you boss has indicated any problems, try to give examples of how you have improved those areas. Think back to your last review. Try to show some growth.

Remember that performance reviews are a chance to talk about your career goals. If you want to move into a different area or you aspire to a promotion, let your employer know that is your goal.

Good luck.

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Marina, good advice, thanks. I truly dread this time of year. I find it very difficult although it always turns out well….so far.

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I would add to marina’s comment (and I agree with it) that there shouldn’t be any surprises. If there are then there is something wrong.

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