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How is this for a crazy conspiracy theory? A republican congressman from Florida thinks that Donald Trump is a democratic plant with the goal of making the republicans look stupid.

Asked by elbanditoroso (28831points) July 15th, 2015

I love it when the republicans turn and eat their own.

This is a great theory. But if it’s true, then it makes the rest of the right wing supporters of Trump into a bunch idiot buffoons. Is that really what he meant?

And honestly, are the democrats (and Trump) smart enough to pull it off?


I love politics. It separates the idiots from the crazies.

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Oh, God! Satire has once again made Mainstream news as a fact! That was suggested by Andy Borowitz, a satirist for The New Yorker. Looking for the article now.

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Yeah, what about the other 15? Are they plants, too?

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Idiots, crazies and cretins !

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They seem to be forgetting that people are actually wanting to vote for this guy. Are the democrats also paying off these thousands or millions of people to fake public support? If several Republican party politicians didn’t already have extremely ludicrous views that were accepted as mainstream, this wouldn’t be happening.

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The GOP has had the stupidity franchise all sewn up for at least 15 years. What’s astonishing is that the flood from the corral of jackasses into the “viable candidate” category continues to accelerate. The republican congressman has a point (though the accusation pretty much assures us that he himself is an escapee from the corral) Nothing improves the ratings for democrats or late night comics like the perennial GOP presidential freak show.

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I say, “Go, the Donald!” Be as loud and stupid as you want.

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Fascinating. The most public face of the ultra-right-wing birther movement against Obama is actually a Democratic plant? I think we’ve set a new record in conspiracy theory insanity.

Glad to see that even their own nut-jobs are not safe from their craziness.

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Basically, the Republicans are insulting their own voters by claiming this. Now he’s more popular than ever.

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I would say the Republicans won’t stand a chance. But since Governor Brownback got voted back into office at the last election, in spite of all the bullshit he’s caused, I’ve lost all faith in common sense.

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The Democrats don’t need a plant to make Republicans look bad. All they need to do is just set back and the Republicans do what they do.

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I thought that he was a republican plant to make the rest of the field look like “moderates” in comparison.

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^^^^ there is that.

I wonder if Trump is going to get a nasty surprise when he’s laughed right out of the election. I have a feeling he’s not used to being laughed at.

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Did Democrats also mastermind Sarah Palin?

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No, but we masterminded Tina Fey!

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This is Trump engaging in a battle of wits on Twitter. I think it clearly shows how capable the guy is of pulling off a stunt like this.

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Oh god. Sounds like the kinds of arguments I got into in Jr. High, where we’d pass insulting notes back and forth!

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The Democrats have to do anything to make the Republicans look stupid? Open mouth, insert foot.

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Like @keobooks, I disagree with that conspiracy theory because of the support Trump has garnered. If it were a conspiracy then it backfired spectacularly.

When a racist with multiple divorces and multiple bankruptcies is a sign of tolerance, marital sanctity and fiscal responsibility to the Conservative base and they truly want him to lead our nation, that tells you more about what sort of people support the Republican party than anything else. If that were not what most Conservative voters wanted, Trump’s numbers would be far lower as they rallied around less extremist candidates.

The only way of getting those sort of numbers is if it’s actually what voters want. Trump’s popularity is embarrassing to the Republicans as it is concrete evidence of what sort of people the Republican base has. In doing so, Trump ruins the chances of any other Republican candidate getting votes from the swing voters unless they alienate their base, pretty much ensuring a Republican loss in the 2016 election.

A more valid argument could be made about the Sanders candidacy being a Republican conspiracy to split the Democrat’s base and win 2016 by “divide and conquer”. Sanders is no more extreme than the average European and thus able to appeal to swing voters without totally alienating the base. If Bernie’s presidential bid were a conspiracy, then it would be a successful one due to being subtle enough to avoid suspicion while also being quite effective.

Then again, I’m not sure how many Republicans know what a real conspiracy is and just like using that buzzword. Jade Helm, anyone?

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Trump used to be a Democrat. I’ve seen video of him discussing his liberal social views. If he gets very far in the primaries, watch for his opponents to start showing them. It will be quite interesting to watch him explain his flip-flopping to the base that he’s catering to.

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@bossob Don’t bring facts into a discussion about politics!

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@jerv What are these facts that you speak of.

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That Trump used to be a dem.

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@jerv Not only that, but I forgot the other prerequisite of calling those with whom I disagree derogatory names. It was a two-fer faux pas post! My bad!

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Trump was a Republican in 1987. He an Independent in 1999. In 2001, he was a Democrat. In 2008 he was a Republican again.

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^^^ He’s an experienced professional bullshitter. (<—- I imagine he would take that as a compliment.) I can’t wait to hear how he spins his reasons for changing parties.

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You wonder if the Democrats are smart enough to conjure up such a plan.. Thing is, I really don’t know whether politicians are smart or the voters are dumb but in either case it seems all the wrong leaders somehow win their posts every time.. Now think about that.

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They don’t need any help making foils of themselves.

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Well if I were working on the Trump campaign I’d come up with something like: Donald Trump is a liberal when being a liberal suits his interests. When being a conservative suits his interests then he is a a conservative. That is not flip-flopping, that is pandering and the American people deserve a president who knows the difference.

Of course it’s Donald Trump we’re talking about here, so he’d probably ignore that entirely and make some crass sophomoric remark about the other candidate’s mother having Trump’s cum on her chin or something.

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