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So we have decided that it is time to get Health and Dental insurance for the people that work at my small business.

Asked by jrpowell (40494points) July 19th, 2008

It is three people and I just turned 30. The others are about to turn the same age too. We all make the same and whatever the plan costs will be deducted out of our normal paycheck. We are starting to worry about not having coverage. We figure that something can be cheaper than individual plans. Any advice on where to look too would be nice.

I know how to Google. Answers based on personal experience would be nice. Any advice on where to look would be nice. And any tips from small business owners on the subject would be welcome.

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The NCQA independently rates and accredits health plans. You should be able to compare health plans available in Oregon with their report card feature.

You’re probably looking for a small group plan, which is generally for groups of 2–10.

Generally speaking, a decent broker is another good place to start. I don’t know whether their commission comes from you or from the health plans they represent, though.

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You could also offer a subsidy for the cost of a private plan.

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