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Can you really sell guns on facebook?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42493points) July 16th, 2015

I just saw a posting for a “sccy 9mm” for sale, with 180 rounds, $250.00. It’s really cute. It’s pink. It’s a handgun.

Is that even legal? Or is the gun in question not a “real” kind of gun?

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It is allowed BUT is not legal to sell in states that require a background check.
The only reason that Facebook would not let you sell a firearm is if you FB page is for a commercial sales page.

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Cute? Does the pink bring out the red in blood stains well? How does it look against the grey brain splatter?

It is real enough to kill the kids in your house that will pick it up to play with thinking it is a pretty gun, and it is mommy’s. so it must be safe.

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By the way that is a good price, just don’t go to a vacant lot after 11 PM to pay cash.

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I wouldn’t pay a dime for it. And I wouldn’t resell it, either.

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Don’t you mean BlowOffYourFaceBook?

$@%[#* guns…

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Off the subject, but….
I wouldn’t even click on the link. It could be an FBI or ATF honeypot plant.

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Oh, I didn’t. And I hope it is.

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My first thought was it might be stolen. If I opened a gun I wouldwant its history. I also would have it registered to me. I would want tto be in no legal grey areas and have no illegal plans so that seems the wisest course.

Selling in fb seems rather low rent b movie. Though no idea as to the actual legality of it.

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There are gun groups on facebook and it’s perfectly fine as long as the sale is between private parties and legal in the state.

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