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Because of the reaction of some toward Operation Jade Helm 15 do you think some in government would like to remove private gun ownership from US citizens?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) July 16th, 2015

With rumors there are those in Texas arming themselves to the teeth, and stocking ammo because they feel Jade Helm is a ruse or dress rehearsal for a state takeover and are watching the goings on as if a cougar along the back fence line, would some in government and their supporters would like to see gun ownership of private citizens done away with somehow? You would think honest law-abiding people would have no worries their government would try to impose Martial Law. If the government owned all the guns, who would stop them if they did want to impose Martial law?

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Really… How many school children have been murdered in their classrooms in the last 20 years? Nothing has been done. Your guns are safe but your children aren’t.

And this Texas thing.. They have also been doing the same drills forever and when it was a Republican President it was just the military being the military. But the Negro wants to steal all the guns in Texas. Secede already so the nation can move up in the ranks of standardized testing. Fucking idiots.

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Texas is the only state in The Union that fought a war to become an independent nation.
Texans are definitely different about some things.
I thought diversity was a good thing.

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Being batshit =/= diversity.

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Fear of Jade Helm is a right-wing paranoia wack-job.

Utterly meaningless populist idiocy. Means nothing.

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Texas again. Diversity should be a good thing, but you will always find the greatest variety and the largest concentration of diversity in the asylums.

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“do you think some in government would like to remove private gun ownership from US citizens?” That’s a fact.

Counter-conspiracy: The NRA is behind all the rumors that the Obama Administration is looking to take our guns. Which conveniently caused a run on firearms and ammo, which created a shortage and drove up prices, and created bountiful profits never before seen in the industry.

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@bossob Counter-conspiracy: The NRA is behind all the rumors that the Obama Administration is looking to take our guns. Which conveniently caused a run on firearms and ammo, which created a shortage and drove up prices, and created bountiful profits never before seen in the industry.
If the rumors cause a run on gun sales that means even more guns out in the hands of citizens making it even less likely the government could impose Martial Law if they wanted to, because good-natured, law-abiding patriots would not go along with the government they tout as being so well. That would be a cause that some in the government would see problematic unless guns were only possessed by the government and law enforcement.

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The government does not need to confiscate guns in order to establish a dictatorship.
Propaganda will ensure that all the gun nuts will happily support the tyranny.

None of them made as much as a squeak when Bush enacted the Patriot Act.
Not one of them lifts a finger in face of their black neighbours getting murdered by corrupt racist cops.
Not one of them stormed the White House over the NSA spying, the TSA abuse, the Guantanamo Concentration Camp, the 2 Illegal wars, the countless innocents being murdered by indiscriminate drone terror strikes.
Not one of them cocks their guns to oppose the religious extremists trying to create a christian theocracy.
Not one of them mobilises their militia to defend women from the violation of their reproductive rights.

Why? Because they support all this crap.
When the dictatorship is established, the New Brown Shirts will be staffed by gun nut “patriots”.

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I’ve always found it hilarious that these imbeciles really think their private arsenals will compete with those of the U. S. Government. How far do they think a 3.57 mag five-shot S&W revolver is going to get them against choppers bristling with M-60s and air-to-ground anti-personnel missiles? Or how about government drones? Even if the damned fool went to the expense of owning an unmodified assault rifle or an RPG, they’d be vaporized in seconds. What a fucking joke these people are. It’s the reason why we have Seroquel.

@ragingloli is quite right on many things above. But it’s even easier than that. Just bombard the airwaves with ridiculous shit like Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, or Ice Road Truckers, or Duck Calls, or… Jesus, just shoot me… and the morons will spend every spare hour they have sitting in front of the screen, becoming even more moronic. In the case of the first two shows, twice as many viewers (percentage per cohort population) repeatedly voted for their favorite contenders than did registered voters in the last presidential election. In the meantime, the Supreme Court makes decisions like FEC vs. Citizens United, etc., and none of the citizens react to any consequence.

Trust me, the power behind the throne is quite safe in America. They are stealing your Democracy while you are busy in front of the flat screen obsessing over this horseshit—and they are coming right through the front door in broad daylight when they do it. America has voluntarily anesthetizes itself into daily indolence by this 24/7/365 “entertainment” and it’s own citizens are criminally complicit in the dismantling of their own democracy through negligence.

There is no need for violence when there is no resistance.

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FEC vs. Citizens United I don’t see what the flap is about, seems like a lot to do about nothing.

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If you can’t comprehend the implications of corporations now being allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections then I’m afraid we can’t help you.

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^ Does it matter? The side that lost can just sue and have it overturned…..the vote is just a popularity poll.

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The thing that I find humorous about the gun huggers is that they always assume that it will always be someone to their left who will deprive them of their guns. Back when the NRA was considered a laughable collection of a few paranoid neurotics, it was the Black Panther Party which insisted that the citizenry arm itself for defense against the government. Unlike their white counterparts, black folks have a strongly demonstrated case (as current events illustrate) for the need to pack.

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Yup, and when the Black Panthers started open carrying then white conservatives started shitting their pants and St. Ronald of Reagan (then governor of California), with the backing of the NRA, passed a law prohibiting open carry in that state.

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I often wondered just what the reaction would be if the majority of the men women and kids of ethnicity, say blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims began taking the IRA’s message to heart, swamping gun shows in droves and applying in record numbers for carry permits.

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