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What is this Oskar Gröning and Eva Kor story about?

Asked by flo (13149points) July 17th, 2015

Does it mean we should do away with the legal system?

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My guess, it’s for them about reconciliation. The man accused made no attempt to deny the charges, though it may well be argued that his involvement was peripheral. This guy’s conviction leaves me uneasy in some respects. It borders on the appearance of chasing very tiny fish, because that’s all that remains. Whether or not the old man is getting what he deserves, I have no way of knowing. I just feel fortunate both that I have never faced the decisions confronting him at 22 nor the decision of whoever bore responsibility for his conviction.

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No, it doesn’t mean we should do away with the legal system. Just because one of the victims forgave him doesn’t mean that every one of the victims would forgive him. Or that he shouldn’t pay for his actions. He did try to make things right, and I don’t know why they waited so long to try him, but ultimately he made the choice to do the job he did at Auschwitz.

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Oskar Gröning has been working for 30+ years to tell people how bad the Holocaust was, since he was confronted by Holocaust deniers.

He worked at Auschwitz and wants all of us to know about the evil.

He is not hiding his past. He knows the consequences. He is doing the right thing.

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You should watch the Star Trek Deep Space 9 episode “Duet”.
It is basically the same story.

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