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Do you think always being a negative speaker will actually make the things worse or is it not so?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2141points) July 18th, 2015

Have you seen instances where negativity can be lethal and where positivity can bring out the best in another person?
If talking in terms of the parent-child relation, do u think negativity and positivity and constant nagging versus constant encouragement have some role to play in the future life of a child?

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I think neither always nagging nor always praising is good. Constant nagging destroys one’s confidence and detemination, and constant praising makes one judge themselves too high.

You need a combination of both. You have to point out their mistakes while appreciating their effort.

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Negativity is really bad, especially on a child. Here is a book that may help.

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marinelife, thanks so much, thanks for the book, maybe this is what can take my head off the worries for sometime, THANKS a lot !

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Children are a mirror image of their parents so what behaviors a child will exhibit is what they learned from their parents. It is very difficult for a parent to accept this reality and make changes that will affect their child to be a better person…for some it is impossible and the ultimate outcome is kids rotten to the core.

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I don’t know if negative talk makes things worse, but it can certainly will make things seem worse, and there are often times when things are worse than they either appear or (more often) than they are portrayed.

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I don’t think it will affect the outcome of anything. All it will affect is your attitude, which is the only part of life you can control: how you will react to the things that happen.

A positive attitude will help you live longer and better.

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