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How can I raise my level of functioning (details inside) ?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) July 18th, 2015

So that I can get off my pills and get a profession that pays more than 50k a year?

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You start by looking in the mirror and taking responsibility for your actions. You are in control of a lot more than you realize. Start by making yourself physically healthy. That costs you nothing. But it does demonstrate to others (and yourself) that you have some control and command capability.
What is stopping your from going out right now and engaging in some physical activity. like walking or running? That would do you so much good.
Start there.

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@LuckyGuy Wanting to live in peace. The outside world is stressful and costs money.

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@talljasperman It costs you nothing to go outside and walk. Make small goals and then make bigger goals as soon as you reach your small goals. Tell yourself you will walk one block and back. Then make it two. And on and on. Reward yourself when you meet your goal.
Not with food but maybe you can let yourself Fluther for a half hour after you have met your goal. But then get off of Fluther and do something that can help you meet your goals of working and making money like taking on line courses. Good luck.

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This is so weird. I could have sworn I answered this. I even have the link I copied and pasted into it here.

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@all thanks I bought some groceries (milk, beef bones and califlower dip) and I didn’t take a cab… I’m all sweaty.

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@keobooks Maybe it is a duplicate question, or you are time traveling too.

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Well, the answer seemed to burp off into the ether.

First of all, getting better at daily living will not get you off meds. The meds are supposed to help you in maintaining a higher standard of living. They are not a punishment for a low standard of living.

Here is a list of active daily living skills take a look at the basic and instrumental items on the list. Pick one or two to improve upon. Ask for help about how to improve whichever specific one you choose.

I don’t know anything about earning that kind of money. Most people I know don’t earn that much even though they are professionals.

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Don’t focus on trying to get a 50k job just yet. Right now that goal is so far away from you that focusing on it will only get you disappointment. Set small goals now, then set slightly larger goals once you meet your initial goals and so on and so forth. Right now, focus on setting, then meeting, small goals towards getting yourself in better shape.

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The impulse to hide from the world is understandable, but clearly the big impediment to your goals. Since you do venture out to the store, perhaps that is where you should begin the “campaign”. Since you’re comfortable there, why not step up the visits and endeavor to converse with the people who work and shop there. If you go there daily, you will find that people are friendly and comfortable with that with which they are familiar. It will require effort and commitment at first, but should quickly become manageable and then routine. Grocery stores can be great places to meet women. Tall women shop too!

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The best thing you can do is cut your fluther usage by 50%. You spend too much time here, probably as an escape from the challenges of the real world.

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@elbanditoroso Fluther is all that I have. I can Fluther while lying prone in bed.

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@talljasperman You can quit the world, but the world won’t quit you. I’ve tried, buddy, it doesn’t work. You have no choice but to deal with it and @LuckyGuy‘s advice is very good. Take it. It works.

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@Espiritus_Corvus I walked to the grocery store and got food with the last $25 in the bank. I can’t afford any more for now. I have $100 in cash and some room on my credit card. I will wait until I get paid on the 25th.

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Good man. Make a plan. Walking is free, so is running. There must be a swimming hole somewhere near you. I’ve always been partial to cycling—it’s much easier on the joints once you find a bike your size. Always check pawnshops first. Keep your eyes open and let the guys in the shops know what you’re looking for and leave them a way to contact you when the bike pops up. Search the net for deals. I’ve seen thousand dollar bikes selling for a hundred bucks-and-change in these places.

If you have the space, like half of a living room floor, or two feet between your bed and the wall, look for a used kayak. They’re fun and a great upper-body workout to match the lower-body workout you get with the bike. Pumping your system full of oxygen improves your mental status immeasurably. Haven’t you ever noticed that gym rats and yoga people are ridiculously upbeat? Christ, sometimes you just want to smack ‘em. It’s because they feel good, Tallman.

As a way to save money for more important things, like getting out in the fresh air and having a good time, buy smart. Toothpaste, soap, shampoo, are all for a buck at the dollar store. Chris, you’re a bachelor, why waste more money than you need to on this stuff. Save money by cutting back a little on meat and going with more vegetables and fruits. Buy a wok. Just toss shit together and pour it over rice. It’s the easiest healthy cooking in the world. And, what, 4 bililion Asians can’t be wrong.

You find excellent brand name clothing for under ten dollars at Thrift Stores. We’re talking Armani-level stuff. I don’t know what it is, but women like a well-dressed man, pal. Last time I was in the States, I found five new Columbia sailing/fishing shirts for four dollars each in my size. Maybe they’ve suddenly gone out of fashion, I dunno, but they usually retail at around $60 each in the Miami area. They had some XXXs, too. I know your size can be a liability in these departments, but cull the aisles anyway. Hell, you’ll save a ton just on socks.

With your savings, hit the pawn shops or the net as described above to get the things you want to get you outside and back into the world. You need to put a little money away, because after a summer and fall of walking, running, cycling, or kayaking, you’ll be wanting to go into the gym to get through that god-awful winter you have up there. Just regular light workouts in order to not lose what you’ve gained—and to buoy your mood and hormone levels/brain chemistry.

It takes effort to live a good life, T, but it soon becomes habit forming and the rewards are always greater than the hassles.

Nothing is for free, my friend, and everything costs in some way, but things get a lot easier once you accept that. Treating yourself right and giving your body what it needs is the best investment you can make—it changes everything, including the man inside. You really haven’t any choice in the matter.

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Learn computer programming. You have expressed an interest in this in the past and there is a job market for entry programmers. You could teach yourself, but I suggest taking a course at a community college. It is more fun that way and it will get you out of the house and put you in contact with others. As a computer programmer, I admit to a certain amount of bias, but I think that you will find the experience enjoyable even if you do not pursue a career in programming.

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