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If you had to, how would you kill yourself?

Asked by cazzie (24516points) July 18th, 2015

If you found yourself in a hopeless situation, owing money to the wrong people, or zombie apocalypse… how would you kill yourself?

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Whatever the least painful way is. I heard a young woman was approved for euthanization in Bulgaria or Belarus because she had persistent suicidal thoughts. Pretty interesting.

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Drowning. Jump off a bridge with a weight tied to me, like a cinderblock. Tie the whole works with a chain and two padlocks. One lock to secure the chain to myself, and the second lock to secure the cinderblock to the other end of the chain. Then hop off the bridge.
Drowning is probably atrocious, but this method seems the most failproof to me. Wouldn’t want to use a method where I survived but became severely handicapped. I would trust drowning over blowing my head off with a gun even, unless it was a magnum, and where the fuck am I gonna get that.

I might also consider freezing to death, like lying down naked in snow in -30 weather. But too much time to reconsider and leave, minus most of your digits.

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Shooting a gun.

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Heroin OD if I couldn’t get the drugs they use here for physician assisted suicide. That is pretty much a drink (supposed to taste best if mixed with Dr. Pepper) and you get sleepy and never wake up.

Or if I had to get more creative a massive amount of alcohol a block of ice and a guillotine. MacGyver that shit.

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Take several oxycodone, wash them down with a bottle of cough syrup containing dextromethorphan, go to bed.

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So far I have figured out that other than a zombie apocalypse I can pretty much endure any situation. So my guess is that I would let the zombies devour me.

Things may change though.

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Either a sleeping pill overdose, or a bullet into both my brains.

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Suffocation by pussy, bury my face right the fuck in there.

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I’d go on a field trip to Mosul with a few choice toys. Hopefully I’d take some terrorist fuckers with me. A peaceful death seems like such a waste.

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Binge-watching Fox News.

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I always figured I’d drive into a bridge bulwark at high speed.

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I would hang stab and shoot myself then a forensic team could try to figure out what thing I died from.

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I would use pianowire to hang myself with, and glue my hands to my head.
Then the pianowire decapitates me, and It would look as if I ripped my own head off.
Oh, and I would do this in public.

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You never have to. This question is invalid.

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Death by sexual exhaustion. Only if there really were no other way out.

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Massive insulin overdose. You use up all the glucose in your system within minutes, your brain shuts down and you die. No pain, no struggle, no mess for the family to clean up.

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I would fall asleep in a hot tub.

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Anything clean, non-messy and peaceful. Probably sedative or opiate overdose ( but I wouldn’t want to vomit all over myself before I died ) so 1st choice carbon monoxide. I’d make myself a last BBQ meal of grilled veggies and chicken then duct tape the bathroom door closed, seal the window and let the Hibachi burn. Of course I would dress for the occasion, nice clothing, make up, hair so I would be fairly presentable in my eternal repose. haha

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@talljasperman Nasty…you would be boiled and bloated with your meat falling off your bones like a boiled chicken after 48 hours. You better make sure you are found within a few hours. lol

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I changed my mind. I’d volunteer for a 1-way trip to Mars.

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I would go up to Whiteface Mountain, and hurl myself of the top of it.

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@gorillapaws hahaha…. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried that already and it didn’t work. My problem is I can anger a man into to saying, ‘go fuck yourself to death’... but I haven’t found one who can actually accomplish it.

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I would off myself like this, just rig my chute so it malfunction then I will not die with a suicide on me messing up my chance for Paradise.

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You think your god is dumb enough to fall for such trickery?

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