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Custom iPhone "New Text Message" tone?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) July 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I and my friends have have iPhones. I am the only one with Gen one because Karma/Fate/and anything else I can blames, hates me.
Anyway, we want to know if we can add our own custom text message alert sound. Everytime one of us gets a message we all check our phones. And yes we know we can use diffrant tones built in but they all suck.

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I doubt it. I’ve made my own ringtones and when I put them on my phone it doesn’t let me use them.

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dumb mac. I don’t want to hack my phone just because they can’t get over their obsession with “Form Over Function.”

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@ lovely: were you talking about an iPhone too? You can make them in the new GarageBand (‘08) for free and then export them to iTunes as ringtones… Worked for me. As for the message sound, I was wondering that myself, but unfortunately don’t think it’s possible.

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I was hopping they would “fix” that with this new version of the iPhone, but clearly, they promised a lot, and delivered nothing. Like I remember the apple website talking about the new iPhone firmware having a cut and paste… I am still trying to figure out what they changed, if anything. Nothing in this new update seems new, save for the app store.
Oh well, I figure at some point someone will come up with a hack, and when they do, someone on Fluther will ask about it!

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@yannick; Yes i’m talking about an iPhone. I’ve heard about making them on garage band but never have. I use this application called Fission, works pretty well.

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@lovelyy: Given your pic, aptly named btw… How are you linking the file saved in Fisson to a Ringtone in iTunes?

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