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If Trump should manage to win the election, is there a country out there that will take me and others in?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) July 19th, 2015

Scary thoughts

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He won’t. The republicans will come up with some way to get him out of the race before that ever happens. They know he is an embarrassment and that if he is elected, he would set back the republican ‘philosophy’ for a generation.

How they’ll get him out, I don’t know. That’s their problem. But you can bank on it – there is no way that the Republican party would nominate him in the first place.

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I am sure you can find some place in Europe.

You almost had Sarah Palin as VP.
Do not underestimate the stupidity of the republican electorate.

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Why do you think one loser is worse than the other?
They would have taken you out of the nonsense of the last two presidents.
Why not the next one.

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I Love it when these Rep/coms tear each other apart .

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Country that will take you-? Sure. Trumpsylvania-! : )

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Maybe you can find out where all the Republicans went when Obama was elected. There seemed to be quite a few who said the same thing about him. ~

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You needn’t pack. This foul character is a flash in the pan.

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Yea seriously man, is it realistic to gain citizenship? I’ve always wondered.

There’s a picture going around now of a person’s medical bill after being bitten by a snake and it was 153, 000.

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Since you’re not that far from the Canadian border already, I’m sure they’ll welcome you with open arms.

But Trump won’t make it. His big fat mouth will end up spouting something so egregious that no amount of backpedalingf can undo it. His ego is that monstrous and he has a tin ear when it comes to hearing the concerns of others.

I predict he will sink his chances at the nomination with his own ill chosen words over one issue or another.

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Maybe Trump will insult El Chapo one too many times.

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Ha ha. Yeah, we can only hope :D

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LOL I’m sure the mainstream Reps would appreciate it,but the Dems would be upset for having lost a reliable source of free entertainment. ~

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”...but the Dems would be upset for having lost a reliable source of free entertainment”

…as well as every late night talk show host and standup comic…


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I left when Reagan was re-elected. Best thing I ever did.

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I’d invite you in Canada, but we have Harper…

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Nah, America & Trump deserve each other, make the rest of the world laugh at you even more.

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Thankfully I have dual citizenship.

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Actually it will be a step in the right direction, there will be no denying the political landscape is a total sham then.

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Yes, @ARE_you_kidding_me. That would be something. America commits ‘Death by Trump’.... man, I should write headlines.

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