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What's the last thing that made your heart race?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) July 20th, 2015


Can you give us a general description?

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I so wish it was sex, but it was fear. Today as a passenger as my husband drove in heavy traffic quickly trying to make it to our exit before being forced to drive by because people don’t believe in letting you cut in around here to get off the hwy. blah!

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I had an awesome dream last night. Probably one of the most amazing. I was flying through a very detailed universe. Starts, galaxies, solar systems etc. It was all so detailed and vivid. The coolest part was I could feel how there was no direction. I would fly away from a star system, and it would be “behind” me, but after flying for awhile I would see some other celestial body that totally destroyed my frame of reference to the previous celestial body. It was so freaking nuts!

I woke up in pure excitement that I even had such an amazing dream.

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Fear. My son fell doing a stunt on his heelies. It takes a lot to make him cry, but he had really hurt himself. Nothing broken, but a heck of a bruise.

The other thing was seeing the new pictures of Pluto.

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The epinephrine the dentist injected into my jaw.

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I stole an ice cream off a toddler in the park, it was fat & sported a ruddy complexion.
My heart raced with pride at the knowledge i’d saved an infant from a life of diabetic related issues.

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Walking up and down the stairs too many times in a hot house.

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A needle in my palm! Last Thursday a hand surgeon injected a steroid just below my middle finger to ease the symptons of stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger finger). I don’t recommend the procedure if you have a low tolerance to pain.

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@ucme, what an altruist you are.

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Over-medicated on thyroid drugs.

I get my heart rate up at Zumba class every week, but I don’t think of that as my heart racing.

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@JLeslie I’m over medicated at the moment and lethargic and putting on weight. So sick of doctors and blood tests, I would scream if I had the energy. Screw them…. I’m back to listening to my own body and I’m not taking those damn pills anymore…. not until I feel I need them. Feeling like a nap two hours after I wake up, no amount of coffee gets me going in the morning and weight gain that is stretching the limits of my wardrobe. Hate hate hate thyroid disease.

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@elbanditoroso It’s a gift, I know.

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@cazzie My nurse practitioner let me test when I felt great and when I felt like shit, so I would know which thyroid levels felt good and normal to me. It was extremely useful. I keep my TSH higher than what most people and endocrinologists shoot for, and she is totally fine with it. My happy place is a TSH between 2.2–3.0. The other numbers kind of fall into place. Although, I added T3 separately and it’s a little whacky and I’m trying to figure it out again.

You medicate to suppress your thyroid, and I know very little about those drugs. However, I do know how you feel in terms if being lethargic and wanting to crawl into bed. When I am hypo I am unmotivated about everything. It’s like depression, but I’m not actually unhappy, just everything feels like a chore.

Listen to your body. I only warn that I think you should adjust your meds a little at a time so you can gauge when you feel better.

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Coming face to face with a bear on the trail. Made my knees knock, too.

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Simple black snake at the garage door entrance did that for me, @syz, and prompted the question.

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Fear. I was alone in the cellar at night. I’m okay with the dark, but being underground in the dark is something I don’t love.

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Why were you in the cellar at night and why was there no light, @longgone?
Storm related?
Put an oil lamp down there, and some matches sealed in a glass jar. Just cover the top of the chimney with an old can top.
You can even get great old oil lamps cheap now.

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^ Just for a few minutes, putting away the stroller. There is no light in part of my cellar, and it’s just so very quiet down there.

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