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What is a first edition copy (one without a dust jacket) of To Kill a Mockingbird worth?

Asked by rockfan (12823points) July 21st, 2015

I recently purchased it from a thrift store, and on the copyright page it says First Edition, so there’s no disputing it. Does anyone have any idea how much it could be worth? I’ve been searching online and I’ve gotten over 10 different price ranges.

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It’s worth whatever someone’s willing to pay you for it, and that’s going to depend on the person. Your best best might be to take it to a book dealer (not just a bookstore, but a dealer, as in someone who buys as well as sells) and see what they would be willing to give.

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Probably more this month than any other time. Let eBay decide.

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Knock your socks off, here is Abebooks.
Note some are with DJ (dust jackets)

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