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Is the type of cellphone a politician uses indicative of how he/she would govern?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28831points) July 22nd, 2015

Don’t laugh. This is a serious question.

Yesterday, the news reported that Lindsey Graham (US Senator) uses a previous generation flip phone, not a smartphone. Which sort of matches his detached, conservative demeanor.

The news also reported that Jeb Bush uses an iPhone, which puts him in the Apple ecosphere – safe, not creative, high-end, not inclined to experiment with new things. Again, sort of fits his personality.

I’d really like to know if any of the republican candidates carry Androids as opposed to iPhones.

I think that Android users are more likely to be rule-breakers and iconoclasts, and that iPhone users are more likely to go with the flow, politically.

To what degree does the politician’s choice of phone reflect their outlook?

Would you vote for a politician who didn’t carry the same phone type you do?

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Sorry to burst you bubble, but the type of cell phone a person uses doesn’t define their personality.

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@Silence04 – don’t be so sure.

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lol I’m very sure

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I beg to differ with @Silence04. I think anyone’s knowledge and use contemporary technology—and perhaps especially a government official whose job it is to make important decisions on behalf of many people —is at least one indication of how he or she views and relates to the world as it is today, a complex and dangerous world in which technology plays such an integral a role both positive and negative. Not sure I want a Luddite making those decisions. As to whether he uses an iPhone or an Android, who cares?

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The flip phone could also indicate that he is disconnected from reality and does not care about technology, r&d, science and ultimately, education.

This crap is like numerology. You can read anything you want into this.
This remote psychoanalysis is the lowest form of quackery.

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Or it could just mean they are just using a flip phone for a billion other potential reasons… Lol

Personality is much greater and complex than any correlation made about a branded handheld device. And even then, correlation is not causation.

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Personally, I doubt very much if the majority of the candidates wasted 10 minutes in selecting their own phone. And Graham undoubtedly has that flip phone because he’s familiar with it and doesn’t want to struggle with learning to operate some “newfangled” contraption. There may well be exceptions, but it’s a good bet that decisions on phones and computers are made by some tech savvy aide or even the candidate’s grandkids.

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@ragingloli – it’s not the ONLY indicator, but it is AN indicator.

Suppose you saw a politician come out with bell bottom pants and a leisure suit. That’s a very surface-level indication – his choice of clothing. Yet wearing a leisure suit in 2015 would give you valuable information about how connected the guy is to the current time.

I would argue that it’s not remote psychoanalysis; rather it is profiling/patterning, which is what law enforcement does all the time.

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The use of an older model phone is indicative of a thrifty, confident, independent thinking person who bases purchases on personal requirements rather than current fads.

At least that’s how I explain my continued use of a flip phone!

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@bossob – what a self-serving response!

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I have to agree that the type of phone you use does depend on personality.

My husband always has to have the latest and greatest. No reason other than he always has to have the latest and greatest…whether we can afford it or not.
He is not as technically savvy as I am, and often comes to me to figure out how to set something on his phone.

I, on the other hand, still carry a “dumb” flip phone. I really can’t fathom any reason I would need internet access outside of my home. Not any serious,day to day reason, anyway. (However, that would probably change if I was running for some government office.)
I do carry a pad in my purse, but I have yet to come across any compelling emergency that would require me to use it.

My husband is impulsive and likes to impress others. He can easily over spend his means if I’m not around to belay that.

I am steady and dependable. I prefer saving over spending.

So, we’re both running for mayor. Who ya gonna vote for?

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@elbanditoroso lol vote for me! ~

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@elbanditoroso I wouldn’t be surprised if the average politician let his wife pick out his wardrobe as well.

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(I always go to my husband for fashion advice, @stanleybmanly…)

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Are we really coming to a point where we are going to judge anybody by their Cell phone??
Stop world I want to get off please!
I judge people all the freakin time, but never by their phone,well that’s a bit of a lie if they always have their head in the damn thing and life is screaming by, I judge them to be idiots.

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It kind of makes me ill that when you are in a restaurant, or almost any place else, 70% of the people have their noses in their phones. WHY?
My husband’s daughter comes to visit. Over half her time is spent texting or whatever, instead of visiting and interacting.

What is wrong with us?

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If we’re now making choices about our politicians based on what brand of faddist technology they have then this country truly is beyond fucked.

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What kind of phone would Jesus buy?

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He doesn’t need phones. He knows everything already.

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He would think that Ciri is a demon and try to exorcise the phone.

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