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Is it a bad sign if in a dream you are in the beginning stages of making love to a fictitious charachter, when in both the dream and in reality you know you have another person you love, but the only reason the act isn't committed is because the woman in your dream decides she can't cheat on her loved one?

Asked by staples_of_humanity (1points) July 19th, 2008

I love my girlfriend very much, but like a lot of people, I occasionally have my doubts. But for the most part we have a highly functioning relationship. I haven’t seen her in a while now because she had to go to another state for one of her reasons, but we will finally be back with each other by the end of next month, beginning of September. Now I’m no Freud and I’m not into dream reading, but could this mean something? Or am I just looking too far into something very minor?

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Dreams can be a way of understanding what is going on on a subconscious level. But frankly, I prefer basing my important life decisions on events that occurred while I was wide awake. Plus, dreams can represent all sorts of symbolism. The other woman could actually imply some other job that you want but you feel wrong about leaving your current one because your boss is like the nicest person alive etc etc. That’s just one of the countless examples of what your dream could actually mean. My advice: don’t think of the dream as representing your relationship with your girlfriend. Try to forget about it if possible. Also, if you think you have a good relationship going, try to keep it strong instead of wavering for mere thoughts made during REM sleep. So to answer the direct questions asked: no it’s not a bad sign, no the dream doesn’t mean anything significant and yes you are over analyzing it.

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Some people say you are EVERY person in your dream – so give a shot at thinking about it again with that perspective.

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Ah, so what you are saying is in the end, I love myself, but I can’t have myself, because I won’t let me have myself. haha.

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staplesofhumanity = EnzoX24?

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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar (as Freud allegedly said).

Perhaps the dream means that you are horny, but do not want to cheat on your girlfriend (thus stopped in the nick of time).

Maybe you need to go and visit your girlfriend!

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Almost everyone with a libido has both sexual fantasies and erotic dreams, often with the most unexpected people.Deciphering dreams has generated a library of books and a dustbin of PhD theses. We still don’t know.

They usually are pleasurable so I say “Enjoy.”

And some of the time Freud was no Freud either.

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I have a question. What are the most words used in a Fluther question?

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@Chuckie: This is the longest I can remember.

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