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Can you give an example of an idea that is a fact, but suppressed because it is Politically Incorrect?

Asked by josie (30926points) July 23rd, 2015

Or, if you choose, a Politically Correct notion that is false.

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While I don’t buy into all of these “truths” plenty I think actually are. People have a hard time facing reality when it goes against their ideology.

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Ok, I’ll toss one out and see where it lands.

One of the quickest ways to end the problem of children being born into poverty is to prevent people in poverty from having children.

(Is that politically incorrect enough?)

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Here a Politically Correct one that is false.

“No child left behind. All children have the potential to be president one day.”

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@LuckyGuy Living dangerously today huh?

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@Adirondackwannabe Hey. I was just answering the Q. PC or not can anyone argue with those?

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Well, I was going to throw out the idea of sterilizing the mentally retarded or even welfare recepients, but I thought that would cause a firestorm.

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The pendulum swings both ways. The idea of preventing children to be born into poverty is firmly supported by liberals and is highly controversial with the right.

But this whole question is based on false premise. Reword the terms “politically correct” and politically incorrect” with “respectful” and “disrespectful” and you can then get to the real meaning.

I strongly suspect my idea of what is “politically incorrect” is much different from what @josie or Lindsey Graham considers appropriate.

(And, @Adirondackwannabe, could you please stop using the term retarded? It is demeaning, disrespectful, and hurtful to those with developmental disabilities and their families.)

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Maybe @Adirondackwannabe ‘s notion of what is politically incorrect is different from yours.

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And stop calling Pluto a “Dwarf planet”. It prefers “Little Planet”.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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@LuckyGuy Good point.

Although, isn’t it time to once again refer to Pluto as simply a Planet?

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(NSFW) that some men rape to get their rocks off and not always for power or control.

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I am wondering if we could tally up all the immigrants (illegal and legal) and see what the crime rate is among them, versus people born here. What’s the rate among American born citizens vs immigrants?

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@jca First generation immigrant (those born elsewhere) crime is lower than second generation or non immigrant crime.

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@talljasperman That’s not a suppressed fact. It’s not correct. Men who just want to get their rocks off just beat off in private somewhere.

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@zenvelo I disagree. I was told the same line In intro to psychology class and everyone got scared to tell the professor that they disagree. I don’t want to be hounded like in university where I said the wrong thing and get stalked by crazy girls. When asked about the glass ceiling , I counted the number of women admitted to the class and said you made it to university so it can’t be that bad as it was 30 years ago where women where forced to be secretary’s, nurses, or teachers. I got hounded for saying that. I should have talked to the sexual harassment councilor at the start and I would probably not been made a target.

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@talljasperman But your statements are contrary to facts. That’s not being disrespectful and suppressed, that is a matter of being told you are wrong.

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@zenvelo I ‘ve had dreams that were NSFW when I was younger . So I guess I am the only one who has ever had a rape dream? For example; Tenticle rape dreams might not all be about control? We will have to ask our local expert if he gets off on tenticle rape or something else. Also Bill Cosby drugged his victims so he could get off with them. If it was about power he would have let them be awake to have them fear him.

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That Israel is a friend of the US. They certainly aren’t enemies, but they’re not good friends either.

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@talljasperman A dream is not the same thing as reality. Women who have rape fantasies and actually sex-play a rape with a partner do NOT want to get raped.

Drugging someone to rape them is not a power issue, but is a matter of control and violence. It is not just an odd way to get off.

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@zenvelo we will have to agree to disagree.

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Islam is not a peaceful religion. It’s not politically correct to point it out, but it is nonetheless true.

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