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Can someone tell me how to make a transparent avatar?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42474points) July 23rd, 2015

I did it before, but I’ve lost it now.

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If you want an avatar for Fluther, google “while background”, choose a completely white picture, and set it as your avatar. It will make people think you are using a transparent avatar.

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No, this is different. I know how to make a colored avatar. The one I have in mind, and had at one time, was completely transparent.
Fluther backgrounds alternate between white and that nasty blue-green. So if you post on the blue green, your avatar stands out.

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I don’t know @Dutchess_III. One jelly told me they did that to their avatar and I actually saw them with a “transparent” avatar occasionally.

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OK. Well, someone knows!

Calling Someone! Calling Someone!

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The specifics depend on the graphics software you’re using. Some have a background eraser tool. Some don’t have that tool, but you can use the eraser tool to remove the background, which can be tedious. I save as a PNG, as it supports a transparent background better than GIF. JPG doesn’t support transparent backgrounds.

I’m not an expert, but that’s how I do.

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I Goog’d for transparent backgrounds, but all I got was superimposing white.

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@Here2_4 not the best example, but it works

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@Here2_4 works in both colored backgrounds. If you check, your avatar and my edited version of your avatar, are the same dimensions.

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HELP! I’m disappearing!!!!!!
I can’t believe you stole my face!
Oh well, let it go. The invisible never bothered me anyway.

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No, dang it! I had one here for a while! A jelly shared theirs with me.But I lost it when I lost my OS two summers ago. Shit.

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