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Could someone please give me some advice on getting a PS4?

Asked by weeveeship (4660points) July 23rd, 2015

I’m thinking of getting a PS4 (Playstation 4), and I have a few questions that I would like your help on:

1. Based on your experience with the PS4, what are the pros and cons of that system? Any quirks I should be aware of?

2. What gear or equipment would you recommend I get beyond what’s included in the box?

3. Are the following games any good?
* Batman Arkham Knight
* Madden
* Uncharted
* MLB The Show

Note: I am deciding between getting a PS4 or not getting one. For various reasons, I have already ruled out getting a Wii U or an XBox 360, so a discussion of the merits of those systems would not be helpful.


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*1. *
Pretty versatile.. gaming.. internet (not that you would browse with it) .. movies.. etc

Lots of updates and I’ve had quite a few issues with connectivity to the ps4 networks (but that could be just me)

Beyond the box? Depends on the box. Another controller if it doesn’t come with two. A game that fits whoever will be playing it. I’m not much for the other extra expensive extras.

I’ve only played Madden. It’s pretty cool – and the only game I’ve consistently played. I’d watch the other games on twitch before deciding to buy.

Personally (and this is just me.. so make your own decision), the cost was not worth it to me. I haven’t used it very much. Now if you have a big network of friends and you want to play madden seasons that will be a lot of fun. But remember you’ll have to pay to play online (which sucks).

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It’s the system to have for sure. Honestly, it needs a bigger hard drive. Especially if you are a plus member and download the free games every month. We nuked our 500 gig drive in about six months. I just dropped in a 2 tera byte drive and that should hopefully last us the life of the console. It was an easy process but it would be best if you do that on day one.

I keep coming back to “the last of us” multiplayer, It gets played more than any other games.

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Games look excellent and run smoothly. The console is the most powerful on the market and costs less than the Xbox which is inferior when it comes to performance. While this and the Xbox pretty much have the same games, it does it way better on this.

Keep in mind you need a PS Plus membership to play online. It costs 50 bucks fr one year and three months. You can get smaller packages for less, but the 50 bucks one is the way to go. This is not a con, as Xbox does the same thing. PS Plus members get deals all the time, like free games, price chops and such. Every week the system adds new stuff to the PlayStation Store, and there are two free games every month. Usually what you call “PSN games”, which are small indie games, but you regularly get big normal games free. Not new ones obviously, but you get good stuff.
I just thought this should be mentioned, in case you were not aware of the PS Plus thing.

Another thing to know, consoles these days all seem to take a cue from FaceBook and want to be a social media thing. While the PS4 does this, it does it minimally, remembering that it wants you to play video games. That should probably not be something one wants to mention, but alas, FB has a huge influence on everything.

And this may be personal opinion, but the controller is the best ever when it comes to video games.

Not enough space. You do get to upload stuff in the cloud, which is a digital data storage thing. But that is also limited in space. However, what games you delete can be re-dowloaded at any time. It’s not THAT bad, but a bit annoying. There is indeed a version of the PS4 coming out soon with more space.
Downloading is…fucking slow. This machine is the most powerful one there is in consoles, but the PlayStation Network itself can be a joke. Slow downloads, servers are down often, errors, streaming movies is bullshit…there’s a petition going on online where people are pleading Sony to fix up their network and improve it. Well, I love Sony, but they’re a big corporation. Oh they’ll fix the stability issues, they’re not completely heartless, but not because we’re asking them to. I hear Microsoft is no better though, and Xboxers are experiencing similar issues.

For the games you mentioned, I don’t know, besides Uncharted, which I’ve played the PS3 version of. (didn’t even know we had an Uncharted on PS4, although one is announced, or a port of the first 3 PS3 games anyway)

I’m more into fantasy games like Dragon Age or Witcher 3, which are excellent in just about every aspect btw. And well supported by the developers. Add ons and DLC’s regularly, some of which is free, bugs fixed, etc.

And yes, the console has updates all the time, as do the games, but this is normal procedure these days with video games. I don’t find that this ruins anything, except for how slow the dl are.

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Oh.. and be sure to check out “the playroom” in the “live from playstation” stream section, not the actual game you get with the console but the stream of the game. It’ll keep you entertained for hours.

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There is an Uncharted 4 in development for the PS4, but I don’t think it’s slated for release until the holiday season this year. I believe they’re also porting the first 3 games (which are excellent, although the first game is starting to show its age by now) over to the PS4.

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PS4 has spotify… Nothing else can really compete with that.

The Sony gold wireless headset is also a great addition.

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I hope the PS4’s Spotify app is less cumbersome than the PS3’s Spotify app.

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Considering you can just use the phone app and it automatically plays thru your ps4, the ps4 spotify app itself doesn’t hold much relevance to me. Especially when mid game.

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Could be able to do that with the PS3 app as well. I dunno. I don’t use a phone app for Spotify, and pretty much only used Spotify on my computer. And personally I’d never listen to anything other than the game’s own music while playing a game.

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