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Iphone crashing when on standby?

Asked by TKR (56points) July 20th, 2008 from iPhone

Yes it’s only started happening since the update to 2.0!!
It’s a 2G iPhone and since updating I’ve woken up in the morning to a phone that seems to be off, but the only way I can get it to come on again is by holding down the home button and the power button!! What’s happening here!?!?

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I assume you have restored it recently. There were a myriad of issues with the first release of 2.0. If you haven’t restored since launch day them that would be my advice.

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I think it restored as part of the update, but I haven’t restored on it’s own! I’ll give that a go, cheers! I updated on the Monday after, don’t know if that makes any difference!?

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Did it work after the restore, or did it blow up?

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Haha! Il need to try it later on buddy! Hopefully it doesn’t blow up!!

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If you have no luck trying basic restore, you can try following the info on this (somewhat techy) article:

I had a “bum” iPhone 3G, which after trying all restore instructions (over a dozen times this week), I ended up going to Apple and getting a replacement which works fine now.

p.s. you may also have a “corrupted” backup of your original settings, which you may need to dump and start over with the update and install of apps…if you’ve tried everything that would be a last resort; in iTunes, go to Preferences/Syncing and remove all backups, then plug in your iPhone and perform a new backup by syncing.

Or else, remove the backups, do a hard restore (power down the iPhone, and while holding down the home button, plug in to the computer, then when you see the plug in symbol on the iPhone screen, launch iTunes and proceed with the Restore (not from backup), and do a full wipe of the phone. I would also suggest after restoring, set up as a new phone and systematically install one App at a time to rule out corrupted Apps.

Good luck!

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Did you figure out the reason for crashing!? I do have the exact same problem with my iPod Touch 2G.

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