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Fluff time, can you add to a Fluther rap?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) July 23rd, 2015

It is fluff time in the la-goon you see,
I want to see if you can bust a rap with me.
We have Jellies on the left, and Flutheronians right.
When they disagree there is a big fight.
All in all, we keep coming back,
We can’t stay away, not for a heart attack.
Do you have words, do you have rhyme?
Or did you do a brain fart and can’t came up with a line?

<chicka chicka boom…ba boom boom>

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I’m the master MC, and I’m here to say
That Fluther is Fluther on any day.

We have newbies on the fringes
Asking, “What’s this dream momma?”
The grammarians chime in with
You forgot the comma.

It is what it is, @Hypocrisy_Central
There are times when responses will drive you “mental”!
Then, again, there are moments of absolute sync
(Granted, a lot of those are fueled by drink)

All in all, it’s your choice to stay or remain.
There’s my rap, passing off to somebody sane…

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Oooh, can I be a hyena? ‘Cause I’m going to laugh!
I’ll pave roads with the bones of your goat-herding ass!
First, my front lines will drop back and spank you in the chest,
Then I’ll decimate your horns; you can’t outflank the best!
Let your reserves come at me. My ballista’s cocked and ready!
When I take aim, I always keep my whole crew steady!
Because there’s no use in murdering you and your heathen.
You can grow my wheat for me after you’re beaten.

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this rap is a total bore
it needs somthin` more,
it needs a rapper to take care of these rhymes
so it can be the best rap of all times!
a master rapper, someone fit for the job,
as long as they aren’t a total snob.
but anyways this is gettin` long,
now make this rap better, as long as it isn’t wrong!

(my kid did this.)

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Fluther’s the fucking bee’s knees, I’m makin’ it ma motherfuckin beezneez
To be up in this bitch, rappin’ bout God and to stitch,
Goddamn fuckin responses like a mad lich, prayin to God 8 hours a day whether he’s there or not, don’t like it, du hast mich, then fuck you, bitch!
Givin’ out lurve, recievin’, that motherfuckin lurve, sometimes my interest recedeth, sometimes I get pissed and my brain seethes, but then I get sloshed widda sauce, fuckin vodka yall, then it all comes back, tis’ the truth, you fuckin recognize, you fuckin readeth!


Lol sorry bout that.

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I don’t have the tyme
to bust a rhyme.
Going campin’
....what rhymes with “campin’?

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Gotta get some flutha action
with the peeps in the hood
cuz flutha is a mutha fuckin’ good time
and we gonna do her good

Don’ be goin’ all gangsta, actin’ like a foo
or dem mods’ll pop a cap in yo’ ass and ban yo’ booty too.

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And I’m goin’ campin’
we be vampin’
back to nature crapin’.

So! Some of their lyrics make no sense, they just rhyme!

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The Cannuck zombie killer bust’n out like Li’l Kim,
the pigtailed cow girl with the Remington coming off like Shady Slim.
This rap might be boring, it might be lame,
This is Fluther fluff, that’s how we roll the game.
We ain’t talking science, psychology, or social ills,
we are talking about dope, ho’s, and stack’n dollars to pay the bills.

dammitjanetfromvegas's avatar

Lurve it up, here we go
Lurve it up, toss it up, one mo
Lurve it up, here we go
Flutherites in the buildin (eatin nothin but the pancakes)

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Dear janets, I wrote you but you still ain’t callin

Dutchess_III's avatar

Done tole you, shell just run.

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Lurve over here, and lurve over there?
So much lurve you can run it through yo’ hair.
Get that lurve, get you, get you some mo’
People please like a lurve ho’
Can you speak to me baby, got some lurve for me maybe?
Don’t hate me, I was a jarhead not a Squid in the navy.
Some people will get that lurve at all cost,
The more you have the more you feel like the boss.

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Of course it’s all about lurve, ‘n what’d you expect?
Come in daily, watching folks and hoping for a train wreck?

I’ll say any damned thing that comes into my mind
Knowing some will give me “GA”, just to be kind.

Share that lurve, babe, pass it all around
Push that Great Answer button down to the ground

And share that lurve. Share that lurve

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How you gonna get lurve when people dissing your diction?
Saying you believe in spooks, hobgoblins and fiction.
Man, I gave up on that, lurve I can do without,
I would be like California right now mired in a drought.
I spread the lurve around when I see it deserved.
With 100 lurve max on any Jelly I have to keep a reserve.
I lurve some who never lurve me, that’s how I roll I just let it be.
Don’t matter I am out at 30k lurve or year number three.
Let’s fluff it up until then and fluff it up some mo’
Let’s fluff it up here like we are at the cotton candy sto’

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I’ve known Hypocrisy a few years and a bit
He’s known as the Jelly, always stirring the shit
Take a moment and look beyond the HC drama
You find a man who truly loves his lady and his mama.

Hypocrisy my dear, while the watch on your wrist ticks
You can only dream of matching my cunning linguistics

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Try to speak of my linguistics they are tight like glue.
You will believe it wholly by the time I am through.
Anyone try to step on my swagger, pay no head to my rhyme,
will find some drama up in here, there will be a crime.
There won’t be no fighting no one will get coldcocked,
I got a 9 in my belt, and I have my Glock locked.
Go up against my rhyme, you best not,
slip once <BANG> carried out on an ambulance cot.

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