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Where can I get iPhone ringtones?

Asked by dom210 (1points) July 16th, 2007 from iPhone
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ok I had asked the same question and learned that you can't get new ringtones without hacking the iPhone, which risks breaking the phone. apple should be releasing some sort of update or something in the future. Hopefully.

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as of today, there is only a hack which is very complicated and risky..

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The hack only seems complicated. I actually manned up and did it on my iPhone with no problem and no death (to the iPhone). I was previously on the "wait for software update that allows you to use your own ringtones" bandwagon, before realizing the fact that it would be very smart of Apple to use the iTunes store to sell ringtones made for the phone...I have no desire to pay for them.

Best of luck if you attempt the hack!

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noplace at this time

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I just typed up a semi-detailed page about iPhone apps:

Windows: Google iBrickr, download, install
Mac: iFuntastic:
Both: Register at for lots of good iPhone info and updates.

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