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What's your favorite tee shirt?

Asked by sferik (6106points) July 20th, 2008

Other than your JellyShirt, of course.

Mine is the new ampersand tee from House Industries.

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A squirrel wearing a phony nose and fake wings. The logo is “Feed the Birds.”

Closely followed by a photo of my daughter’s dog (RIP) wearing a red babushka and an expression of forbearance.

Both on white shirts.

Skyrail's avatar that one (I’d like one or two more off that site to) and BoC t-shirt. The first because the colour isn’t faded (it’s quite new), it’s comfy and just nice, the latter because I quite like Boards of Canada, it’s a nice colour and I like the print on the front (I have the album to, heh)

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My frustrated Donald Duck tee from Disneyland (where else). It’s a close up and the print is unmistakable. Donald tees are hard to find, maybe that’s why he’s frustrated.

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That ampersand tee is cool. I got the flyer for that font in the mail yesterday.

I have a couple favorites lately: one that says “Hug Me, I’m Korean” I got from some guy on Etsy, another from Nu-Way Wieners in Macon, GA.

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I have too many awesome shirts to have a favorite i have a ton of cool batman/spiderman/other super hero shirts.Some of the coolest ones i have are my Bob Ross shirt, a grey shirt with a cartoon picture of a catfish smoking a pipe with a monocle, top hat and a cane that i made, and my “Bukkakemon” shirt which is of course printed in the Pokemon font and then has japanese text under it that translates to open your eyes, accept the love” and has some splatter across the shirt.(the great thing about this shirt is 95% of the people who see it have no clue what it means, but when those few 5% see it and do, theres always a funny reaction)

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You might be interested in some of the answers here.

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i have 2 that i own, my soundwave and iron man shirt…awesome

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I like my “Bushit” shirt.

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I love t-shirts and have an awful lot. This is one of my favorites.

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My fave is one that says “Don’t whack our weiner”. It is from my days in Milwaukee. We have the famous racing sausages at the Brewer games and during one race an opposing ball player (Randall Simon, if memory serves) knocked one of the sausages with a bat as the sausage ran by the dugout. the t-shirts appeared th next day.

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As i’ve said before. I love it.

This one gets a close second place… Its my canadian olympics shirt, and an example of the absolute WORST graphic design that i’ve ever seen. I’d take another picture, but I’m on my way out.
Canada Olympics Shirt

And last but not least, my save the wetlands shirt. Its ancient, but I still think its cute. (This is the best photo I have of it.)
wetlands shirt

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I hate Payton Manning on the front and Eli sucks too on the back.

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tantalizing glimpses at the mysterious @del in the wild.

must – resist – stalking – urges.


too late.

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One that has a picture of Curious George unconscious next to a bottle of ether.

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one with a domokun on it.

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One that says “I got ripped at Jack the Ripper”; now-defunct pub in NYC. Memories.

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Tupara: Nathan has that shirt. He loves it!


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I just ordered two new shirts from . The designs are called Fish Tank and Now That’s Dope. This site is amazing!

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Foolaholic i love it too. I have the Pandamonium shirt.

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This “Plan B” one that I bought on Woot.

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a cow jumping, and reads “cow”, Something like “the puma t-shirts meet the farm :)”

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mine would have to be a shirt that says “make love, not babies”

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I would have to say it’s this babydoll t-shirt that I got for my girlfriend. It has a nice typographic layout while managing to not look too cheesy or overly trendy.

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I was just given one that says stuff in Arabic that means “queen” and/or “mother”. Got it on etsy. There are other ones with arabic for “moose” with a picture of a moose, which I find poignant.

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I have shirts that say:
Body of a God – Shame it’s Buddah.
Fat People are harder to kidnap.
Boldly going nowhere.
I’m not fat, you’r eyes are wonky

I’ve always wanted one of those shirts with the big pointy hand – saying I’m with this idiot, but not got one yet. Remember them from the 70’s / 80’s?

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