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Do you ever think of a great question, then forget what it was before you can ask it?

Asked by Kardamom (31413points) July 26th, 2015

Sometimes, especially when I’m at work, I’ll think of some great questions to ask on Fluther, but by the time I get home, finish my chores, do my exercise, eat dinner, and get my clothes and lunch ready for the next day, then log onto Fluther, I’ve forgotten the questions I was going to ask. It’s very irritating.

Does this ever happen to you?

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Yes, it has. Sometimes they come back to me after a day or so, but sometimes they are gone forever.

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Oh my yes, or have the mods push it back 500 times because they didn’t like the way it was worded, I usually just abandon it at that point.

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more often in the past. Nowadays it probably happens as frequently, I just care less when I forget.

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What’s a great question? If it’s important I would think you wouldn’t forget it.

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@dammitjanetfromvegas , you are sweet, truly. Please don’t take me wrong when I say you are obviously not thirty yet. I get sidetracked these days, and sometimes forget I didn’t have a meal since day before yesterday. I’m coming up on the age when I get all the way to the mailbox and realize shoes is not all I’m not wearing.
Yes, I have forgotten questions I wanted to ask. I also forget to lurve, then I have to go back through everything and find all those jewels I meant to GA or GQ.

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Lol. I’m 44. I forget plenty, but trying to remember questions to ask fluther is not one of them.

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I understand your frustration.

If I’m away from home and I think of a question, I’ll use my cell phone to call my home phone and leave myself a voicemail asking the question.

Does your employer have an email service so that you could send yourself an email as a reminder, or a phone so that you could call your cell or home phone voicemail and leave a reminder?

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@Brian1946 That is a very good idea. I could just put a note into my phone. I think I’ll do that next time I think of a good one at work : )

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