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Best place to get tickets for shows in las vegas?

Asked by fonziguy (20points) July 20th, 2008

I’m heading to Las Vegas and want to visit some shows (e.g. Elton John, Blue Man Group). Where and when’s the best place to buy tickets? Should I wait til I get there or order online before I go? Thanks

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I’ve been satisfied with looking up shows I want to see on and then purchasing tickets directly via the hotel/venue Web site. If you’re looking to see a high demand show, such as Elton John, I’d definitely buy ahead. Shows that have been running longer (Tournament of Kings, for example) generally don’t sell out until closer to showtime. The exception to that rule is the Mac King Comedy Magic Show, which is a $30 daytime show. It can sell out a few weeks in advance.

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There’s a place in the Fashion Show Mall on the strip that sells cheap tickets the day of or the day before shows (they get the tickets that haven’t been sold by the venue). It’s called Tix 4 Tonight and I use it every time I go to Vegas. Highly recommended.


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I like Kay’s idea. There are a few places like that on the strip. Look on the web and see what’s going on. Some of the hotels have deals now because things are slow. Look for mid week dates. Know anyone in Vegas? There are some deals for locals.

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