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Asked by trumi (6486points) July 20th, 2008

Does anyone know if AMTRAK offers WiFi on trains? I’ve seen something about stations with AT&T access… Personal experience?

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I used to take the Amtrak (both Acela and Regional) from NY to Baltimore a lot last year and they never had wifi on any of the trains I was on.

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I’ve asked while riding the “Capital Corridor” train. They repsonded in a slightly confused, yet vaguely familar way, “WiFi? Ummmm, I don’t know… I think so?”. Wasn’t reassuring. I just dropped it at that point.

Many stations offer Wifi in the depot. You’ll need to get an authorization ticket from the counter to login to the Wifi through your browser.

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No they don’t, however on east coast trains they sometimes do. Best bet is to take a Verizon card for your laptop. Just sign up for the service, take it with you and when you get back return it for refund. And you only get charged for what you used.

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If you’re travelling anywhere between Boston and DC, you might want to check out Bolt Bus or MegaBus. Both travel from NY to DC, Philly, Boston (and MegaBus to Binghamton, Buffalo, and Toronto), and have free WiFi. Downside is that you could get stuck in traffic, but upside is that they’re super cheap (one-way to Boston cost me $16, less if you book earlier).

Bolt has normal power outlets (MegaBus has none), and both seem to have had friendly and helpful drivers both times I’ve taken it.

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Amtrak has WiFi in most of its major stations (and some of the smaller ones), but not on the trains, at least not yet. WiFi on board is apparently in the works, however, since the Eugene-Portland-Seattle-Vancouver “Cascades” trains are testing it. From what I know, it works.

By the way, all Amtrak seats have power outlets, so they’re computer user ready.

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