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Can you help me find some information on the people in these two books I read this weekend?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42477points) July 27th, 2015

One is called “Thursday’s Child,” by Victoria Poole. It’s about her son’s battle with heart disease when he was just 17, and everything he, and the whole family, went to, leading up to a heart transplant. His name was Talcott “Sam” Poole.
It came out in the 70’s, and I’ve read it few times since it first came out, but I can’t seem to find any updated information.

The other is “The Children on the Hill,” by Michael Deakin. This one I am especially curious about. It was also written in the 70’s and I’ve had it hanging around since then. I’ve read it 2 or 3 times, most recently over the weekend. It’s about a unique perspective on raising / teaching children to encourage learning, and discourage violence, etc. It was set in the 60’s.

I can’t seem to find any updated information on them

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I have the books. I read them this weekend.

I meant what has happened to the people the books were written about since the books came out. in the 70’s. I think Sam died in 1982 :(. But I don’t know what from.

I want to know about the kids in The Children on the Hill…how did they turn out in the end?

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UPI Archives
Dec. 20, 1982
Heart Transplant Recipient Dies; Family Says No Regrets
CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine—Talcott ‘Sam’ Poole, who underwent heart surgery five years ago at the age of 19, died Friday.
Doctors said his death was primarily a result of side effects from the drugs he took to protect the transplanted heart from his own body’s immunity system.
The victim’s mother, Victoria Simes Poole, said, ‘Sam never was an invalid.’ ‘After he got his heart, he went off and did his thing. His life was exactly like everybody else’s,’ she said.
‘Every day’s a bonus,’ he used to tell her.
The story of young Sam Poole received national publicity in Mrs. Poole’s book, ‘Thursday’s Child,’ which focused on her teenage son’s desperate need for a heart transplant and the emotional and other challenges involved.
Poole was diagnosed at age 17 as having an enlarged heart as a result of permanent heart-muscle damage. He was near death Dec. 3, 1976, his 18th birthday and the day he was accepted into the Stanford University Medical Center’s heart transplant program.
After receiving the transplant in February 1977, Poole drove across the country three times, studied toward a degree in film production at Stanford University, worked on several film production crews and served as assistant sound editor for a docudrama on reclaimed Moonies.
Mrs. Poole said there are no regrets about the transplant. She said death at 24 is a lot different from death at 17.
‘We all learned that life was a gift and a wonderful thing, and he enjoyed every minute of it,’ she said.

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