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Can you I.D. This actress?

Asked by Iphone35 (134points) July 20th, 2008 from iPhone

This actress appeared briefly as a masseuse in a “InPlainSight” episode iris doesn’t live here anymore
brunette, hair slighty past shoulders, Rena Sofer’s eyes(it’s not rena), lips plump or full lips, physically seems medium built, cheeks Seem slightly full, age range 20’s-30’s. Overall of course she’s an attractive woman, keep in mind guessing is a definite option when identifying her.

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Try this and see if you can find her.

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Didn’t you just ask this very same question a few days ago?

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To “dave/pupntaco” yes this is the same question but more detailed, I advise you that unless you have a reasonable anwser, don’t waste your time participating by questioning the repitition of the question. I’m sure you have much better & more productive things to do.

Gooday to you
youngman or sir

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Good advice, thanks I’ll consider that in the future. Good day to you.

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I’ll be honest with you…..
The question seems a little creepy and/or stalker-ish.

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I’m confused, what the hell did PupnTaco do?

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I asked for clarification, an affront to the questioner’s dignity.

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well, I clearly so far only one person has made an attempt to “help” me in regards to my question, while the rest are busy with remarks, questions, opinions and or statements. Never mind, I’ll have to look elsewhere for “actual” assistance.

Thank you.

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maybe if you had said why you are trying to find out who the actress is, you would have had better answers….

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