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Can you answer a question about my iPod Nano?

Asked by Pachy (18592points) July 30th, 2015

I love my Apple Nano, especially the radio, but hate Apple earbuds. Problem is, after much Googling, I’ve been unable to find any other brand that has a cable antenna compatible with the Nano’s radio. Does anyone know of another earbud (not headphone) brand that will work?

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The iPod Nano doesn’t require special earbuds to act as an antenna.

Like Android devices and small MP3 players that have FM radios, they can use any headphone plugged in as an antenna.

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Son of a gun, you’re right !! I never tried plugging in any of the dozen old earbuds I have. Thank you !!!

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I love @jerv . When It comes to techy stuff he’s always on the button

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