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Do you have any regrets from high school?

Asked by rockfan (11972points) July 31st, 2015

My biggest regret is not telling the principal and superintendent how awful my freshman and sophomore teachers were. They hired football and soccer coaches to teach history, science, and math and they handed us packets every day, and they let us listen to music, watch movies, and play poker during class. I read an interesting article in Time magazine that argued that having bad teachers like this should be against students rights. But at the time, I was a stupid 15 year old and glad that we weren’t doing any work. I got a rude awakening in junior year and I wasn’t prepared at all. I also regret not participating in debate class, drama class, and Young Democrats. instead, my parents forced me to join marching band.

What about you? Do you regret anything that you did or did not do in high school?

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Oh shit… where do I start!? Spent way too much time on boys and not enough time learning. I may have graduated National Honor Society and with a good grade point average, but I should have taken more math and science.

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My only regret is agreeing to let a classmate sit next to me. I was too lonely and needed a friend. I didn’t know it was a start of a lengthy drama I’ve just escaped recently.

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I dropped out my junior year. Kinda regret that. I did eventually finish when I was 21 since our Community College had a Adult High School. It was really expensive but my aunt paid for it.

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That I didn’t date more, and didn’t have sex with four or five girls when I had the chance.

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If I would have actually gone to class instead of getting stoned I might have done better in college.

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The best thing I ever did was fuck off in high school. My dad was dead and my mother was in prison. I tried to do the FAFSA thing but the documentation was to much. It took forever. My fathers death certificate took forever to get. And getting documentation from the prison my mom was in took over a year. I had given up.

I gave up and just waited until I was 24 so I wouldn’t have to include my parents info.

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Yes, but they’re mostly about missed opportunities with certain girls. It appears I was an oblivious idiot when it came to reading signals and situations

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I regret not listening to my AP science teacher and stickingbthat class out for a full year. I got out of high school midyear my senior year, and he wanted me to come back for just that class, but I didn’t want to bother. I regret that I did close to zero studying. I regret that I didn’t utilize more elective classes to learn and explore more subjects (although I did take quite a few electives). I view those regrets as pretty minimal though. I learned a ton of things in high school, and feel like my education was pretty good. Probably if I had never gone to college I would have more regrets about not utilizing high school to it’s fullest, but for me that possibility is replaced by regretting not using college to its fullest.

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Dumping my 11th grade girlfriend. She was great.

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I did not date enough, other than that no major regrets. I goofed off and went to a lot of parties, played in rock bands and did just well enough in school to get into a good college. I wish I had stayed active in track, I quit in my second year.

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I should have studied more, so my grades would have reflected my intelligence better. I was an underachiever.

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Putting a dirty hit on a kid named Rodney Williamson and tearing up his knee.
Lost his only chance at college since otherwise he was as good as illiterate.
I am pretty sure he would have flunked out anyway. Maybe.

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“When i look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all…”

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Sure. That I didn’t pay attention to Wendy Mathews.

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Regret might be too harsh a word. Still, I can’t think of any good things that happened other than I graduated a year early.

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Wish I were still with the girl I dated then.

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Missing all of the signals from women who liked me (that regret continued into my 20’s)

Not just plain studying enough, it was easy to coast my way through with a B average when a little more dedication would have worked wonders for my grades.

Mouthing off to teachers in class and not knowing when to keep my mouth shut. Too many detentions for being “witty” in class.

There’s more but that is what leads the list


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Just the 4 years.

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That I allowed external circumstances to prevent me from applying myself as well as I could have.

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Nothing, not even dropping out. I once did, but now, 20 years removed from the situation, I can see that there was little that I could have done that would have made a difference. The school failed me, not the other way around. Poor teachers, outdated materials (but hey, the football team always got the equipment it “needed”), few extra-curricular activities that didn’t revolve around sports, and ham-fisted “one-size-fits-all” methods that fail to account for an individual student’s particular proclivities.

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That I bothered trying to be in a meaningful monogamous relationship my Senior year in high school with a girl whose purpose was later revealed to apparently be A) teach me the “errors in my ways” prior to hooking up with her and B) get revenge for all those girls – and a couple guys I suppose – I may or may not have played by cuckolding me at every turn.

Also, my overly patriotic naive views and extreme – and hypocritical – streak of right wing conservatism.

That last one I am paying for in spades living in Alabama. Such a pain in the ass to find other centrists not to speak of atheists.

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That boys were way more important to me than classes and studying. I was a C student but could have done better if I hadn’t been such a dope. I also dated some idiots which was a waste of my time.
My hair, clothes and makeup also took up more of my attention than studies.
I was able to get into a university so I guess I wasn’t too terrible. Then it started all over again.

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