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How do you get the rest of the article about Trump in the following site?

Asked by flo (13313points) August 1st, 2015

Pressroomvip is the site, which I’m not familiar with.
It is the list of notable things Trump has said.

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Click “Start Slideshow”. Then click on “NEXT>”.

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If you have a blocker, enable the site then do as @Tropical_Willie says.

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Click “Start Slideshow”. Then click on “NEXT>”.

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(Did he really, honestly say all those idiotic things?)

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I thought the slideshow was about photos, related to hair etc. Thank you all.

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…The title was “36 Donald Trump Quotes That Prove He Can’t Be President.”

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Yeah, he said all that shit, @Dutchess_III. And people want to vote for him.

Trump hair slideshow, @flo. There are better, but I only have…me.

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It’s a long time between now and the voting day, people will come to their senses, I think.

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@flo Almost 9 months later, ya still thinkin’?

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@Yetanotheruser You mean they haven’t come to their senses yet? And what do you think of being had as someone else on Fluther put it.

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