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If someone can sell their soul to the devil then can other people buy your soul too?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) August 1st, 2015

What would the going rate for your soul be worth? If you don’t believe in souls than it wouldn’t hurt you to give away your soul for free?

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I only sell backup copies.

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@ragingloli How much would you sell a backup copy for?

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@ragingloli Would you take bre-ex stock? Or an iou?

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Gold Pressed Latinum only, Advance Payment, delivery after my death.

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@ragingloli is scamming you. He has no soul.

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@janbb Thanks for the heads up.

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I could sell you a piece of paper that says you own my soul. $10,000. Of course, whether or not that piece of paper will mean anything, I cannot say..

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The beauty of Donald Trump is that we know the Devil was the only one with the $8,000,000,000 to buy his soul.
(And even He wouldn’t throw in a decent head of hair.)

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@talljasperman “If you don’t believe in souls than it wouldn’t hurt you to give away your soul for free?”

Regardless of my belief if you want to buy my soul then that means you place a value on it. Thus, it’s going to come at a premium if you want it. Simple economics: there’s what I think it’s worth, then there’s what the market will bear for it.

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Sure. And there is a name for it: Extortion.

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No one else can buy your soul, as much as you can sell it to the Devil, he already owns it by default from the time you are born, that is the ultimate mind jack he played on those trying to sell him what he already owned.

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You could buy a whore’s ar-soul if you want, bottom line…be careful out there.

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I know, from this song that you can let your heart go piecemeal. I am not sure about the soul however.

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A soul can only be loaned—- to material goods, pleasure, etc. It is always right there waiting to be reclaimed with mindfulness, spirituality, and compassion. What happens in the next life is anyone’s guess. But I imagine much the same.

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