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Can shooting armadillos be hazardous to your health?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28879points) August 2nd, 2015

I had no idea their shells were that hard.

Why do these oddball things tend to happen in Texas?

link about a guy who shot an armadillo and was injured

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These “oddball things” happen in Zimbabwe, too.

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Shooting anything can be hazardous to your health. How about this?

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I just can not bring myself to feel even one shred of sympathy for these subhumans animals pretending to be humans.

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Only if you’re a butch lesbian into S&M…arm-a-dildo.

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I don’t know about ricochet risks, but I have vague memories of reading some years ago that the animals are carriers of leprosy, and quite capable of transmitting the disease to people who handle or eat them.

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Yes, @stanleybmanly , they are. So can hedgehogs.

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Not if you use a large enough rifle.

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Luckily around 95% of humans have a natural immunity to leprosy.

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If it happened here in Texas there is a good chance that the Armadillo was also packing and shot back.

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When younger we used to catch several them and have Armadillo Races. Disclaimer: No armadillos were harmed in these races, only inconvenienced

Them little f*ckers can jump about 3’ into the air if you sneak up on them and startle them. When they do, it makes you jump almost as high, even when you are expecting it!

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@rojo – I’m trying to picture how an inconvenienced armadillo lets you know he is pissed off.

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he immediately curls up into a little ball instead of running out of the rings fouling up the entire race and making the entire event a higgledy-piggledy mess

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Good. It serves him right.

If you can’t think of anything better to do if you find an Armadillo in your yard than to shoot it, you deserve the consequences.

He had to have his jaw wired shut. Maybe that will give him some thinking time to ponder his asshole behavior.

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