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What's the best bank right now for cds?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) July 20th, 2008

in terms of interest rates, customer service, and security

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Check out, Bank Rate for the best interest rates. It can find rates based on location so you can find a local bank or go with online ones like E*Trade.

After you find a good rate, just search the Internet for stories about customer service. Security-wise, I believe most banks will be about the same. The Fed has rules they all must follow like how secure their Web site is and how they must combat phishing schemes.

I work for Prosperity Bank in Texas and I have a CD through them. I get a mildly better rate than their normally crappy rate because I work there. However, if you sit down with a banker, express interest in moving your assists to another bank that has a better rate, they will work with you. The rates aren’t set in stone and they don’t want to see money leave.

Bonus, E*Trade has a one year CD for 3.5% with a minimum $1,000 and is FDIC insured.

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try or they are decent and international .

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I think you meant “assets” ;-). I would not put your money into CD’s right now. Look into a Equity Indexed Annuity. This is a fixed account that rises with the stock market (a small % is tied to the market you choose, S&P 500, whatever, the balance is safely in guaranteed investments) but keeps the equity constant when the market falls. The downside is that your percentage is usually capped from around 7–8.5%, but that is much better than a CD (or the market right now), and your investment is safe! If you need more info, I can be reached at

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