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Can you believe that Bryan Fischer actually says that he's NOT homophobic?

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I think it is either he is homophobic or he is an asshat. Those are your only two choices. Pick one.

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Just this afternoon I was babysitting my sisters 14 year old girls while my sister was at work. My sister must be fucking nuts. I love vagina. With this dudes logic I must have molested them.

Edit: and then you have bible-guy#1 (Huckabee) talking about trans-gender people saying that if he was in high school and he could go into the girls locker room by claiming trans he totally would have. Fucking pedos.

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Really. Huckabee admits he has sexual perversions that include transvestic fetishism and voyeurism and yet there is a fairly large percentage of the population willing to elect him Prez?

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Jesus Saves, Gretzky scores. sigh…

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Why not link to Fischer’s actual statement on the issue rather than a video of some kid talking about it?

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@rojo He is both. For several years he headed the Idaho Family Values organization before leaving the state to become a conservative talk show host. While he was in Idaho, it seemed like he took very vocal, and nasty offense to literally every piece of legislation introduced during the annual session UNLESS it supported and agreed with his own personal theology.

Frankly, quality of life around the state has been a whole lot better since he left.

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Why am I expected to know who Bryan Fischer is?

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